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Do you have an idea for a own mobile app but lack the coding skills to make it reality? If so, an easy No code app builder may be the solution you need. With a few simple clicks, you can build your own professional-grade app - no prior coding knowledge required!
Get to know Nocode CMS Moxly app creator open source platform helps you meet the demand for mobile across your business, while empowering existing teams to build with the tools they know and love...
Easily submit apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play

Mobile App Creator No-Code & Low-Code

Mobile App Builder
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From Figma to a Publish-Ready Mobile App with Moxly

Start with your design in Figma and easily import it into Moxly for further development and testing. Instantly turn your designs into clickable prototypes, make on-the-fly changes, and immediately see the results. When your prototype is vetted and ready, Moxly offers the tools for a streamlined launch.

Simple, yet powerful No Code App Builders

Moxly acts as an add-on to the Ionic framework. Slash your development time and costs with a platform that lets you write once and deploy anywhere—iOS, Android, PWA

drag and drop platform

Real time sync Mobile App

Best codeless app builder. Update your content in real time without publishing in Google Play and Appstore.
Automatically add interactions and database configuration without any code...

api calls

Learn the Different Features & Functions

Every app builder differs from the next which is why it’s important to learn about its features and functions before using it. The best app building platforms will enable users to drag and drop components into the app, create custom forms and store data in databases.

Look for a platform with an intuitive user experience such as easy navigation and simple menus, giving you access to all the no code tool you need to create your dream app without too much hassle. Online android app maker without coding is a reality.

Easy Organization

Create Mobile Apps Design

The Low Code software and App creator allow you to easily customize the design of your app инн choosing a variety of templates and themes. You can also further customize the look and feel of your mobile apps by setting up customizations such as backgrounds, fonts, colors and more.

This way, you can make sure that your app is visually appealing and stands out from competitors. Additionally, it’s worth testing different types of layout on the same page to find what works best for achieving your desired goals, for example create a template for E-commerce App

Alan AI

Start with Selecting the Best Platform

App building platform. When it comes to selecting an app builder no code platform, it’s important to make sure the one you choose encourages user engagement and offers features like data analysis, advertising platforms and other customization options.

Look for a no code platforms that also provides comprehensive tutorials so you can learn more about app building even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. This will ensure that not only your apps look stunning but also they are in line with the latest trends native apps in mobile technology.

Cloud Based

What our customers do with MoxLy?

Start Ups
Develop, Design, and Launch Your Big Idea

Successful Startups Develop Mobile App with Moxly
Why should you need to raise capital just to test a business idea? App builder vs coding.
Harness the power of no code to build a powerful app to launch your business. And leave the technical details out of it, we’ve got you covered. Easily implement your app idea in custom apps with no code solutions.

Is there a completely free app builder?
There are many free apps available, such as ours. You have full capabilities as a reliable software developer for building apps for mobile devices.

How much will it cost to build a mobile app?
Mobile apps are expected to cost between $4000 to $150,000 and sometimes over $300,000. The term in this section has been tentative, because it could be affected in several ways by various things including the type, functional complexity selection, vendor selection, and the development method.

application template design

Use No Code
in the Classroom

Drag and drop app development is trending today. Coding for kids and adults alike, made possible with curriculum-based learning, step-by-step tutorials, and videos.
Moxly is trusted by educators teaching no code mobile app development across the globe.
Provide students with a New tool for Moxly Stem Programs, an application builder no code. Easiest no code app builder.

How can I create my own app?
How can a website be made for smartphones? Give an app concept to people. Create a native app & PWA as per the needs. Use a proper method for developing your app. Create apps using an app builder. Test this application on Android - iPhone / iPad. With no code development tools you get: App Maker Utility, App Maker Audio, App Maker Video, App Maker Education, App Spiritual, App Maker Knowledge.

Are no-code app builders good?
This is a fantastic choice for those seeking a simple application building tool for their company. It has a CMS that allows developers to design apps by simply dragging the code without coding knowledge.

no code for business


Expand Your Services
Custom development. As an agency, you always want to say “yes” to your clients’ needs. But some projects may be outside of your services skillset. Add the best tool No code app creator and low code options that's specialized in native app design, development, and deployment to your existing toolkit so you can deliver a complete services offering.  

And don’t worry, we play nicely with other no-code tools so you can unlock all the benefits of native mobile while utilizing your work with other platforms. Create an App Without Coding App Tools.

The no-code software gives developers the tools to create native android apps, IOS apps for the App Store and publishing to the Google Play Stores that delight your customers wherever they are.

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Built-in integrations

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Mobile applicaion builder Moxly.
Designed to fit every use case

For Marketers - build native mobile apps

For Marketers

Marketers must be inventors with a love of experimentation and iteration to serve their customers well and stay competitive. What kinds of apps can no-code software build?
If there was an exception, then it wasn't. No-coding apps can develop applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

What's more, you'll be able to send unlimited push notifications, get analytics to track installs, and more to drive your marketing strategy!

For Marketers - Moxly
For Writers

For Writers

Once upon a time, the typewriter was the only piece of technology a writer had to make his work easier. Now we not only have computers, but we can also access an endless array...

Building apps for blogs and news. Our no-code tool syncs all your static and dynamic content, components and images - and allows you to translate your app content into any language in the world.

Any blogger can create their own app on their own, this is a great solution for those who dreamed of launching their first app.

no code for writers
For Designers

For Designers

Originally created for designers with no programming experience, this development option helps anyone create fully functional apps drag and drop functionality a simple visual editor.
A platform site for designers to upload designs and assets so you get a creative mix of designs from all over the world. Some of your best application tools are those that assist people in executing a task. No-code Software empowers your colleagues to become successful in their roles.

For Designers - Moxly
For Programmers

For Programmers

Novice programmers can use both no-code and low-code software, low-code editor is not only for professional developers, but also for beginner startups. Coding experience create software a great way to create mobile applications for specific internal business processes saving development time building software with low code app maker.

Use our clean code and your technical knowledge of Ionic Framework's unique code to build your app today and submit it to the app store. Write code app builders and send it to app stores.

Moxly empowers web developers to build leading cross-platform mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Accelerate the way your business builds modern apps at scale.

low code for programmers

One codebase. Any platform.
Discover a new way to work

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What our users say

Miles Ronson


NTAnyone with a laptop or a tablet and a browser can design, monetize and build native mobile apps.

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Alexa Michaels


The Moxly platform is the best of, the developer is constantly introducing new technologies and developing this project.

Matt Costner

Thanks to Moxly, any user can create their own application and Moxly team helped me to make my dream come true!

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Susan Miles


Nullam viverra praesent sit sit eget malesuada elementum scelerisque netus leo orci pharetra fames pellentesque sit eros in id sed.

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Dolor dui eros blandit mauris sed ultrices pretium elit purus gravida pulvinar auctor asuscipit dictum eget mattis varius quis lacus sed.

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Marcus Woods


Until 2021, we developed applications using other platforms. As soon as we switched to Moxly, our sales growth increased

Sophie Moore

I have been using Moxly for more than a year and I am still perceiving its growth. It is a good project and therefore needs support.Good luck!

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Andrew Dent


Build native apps without any coding, earn and get paid quickly!