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About Us - TechOS X Webflow Template
About Us - TechOS X Webflow Template
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Why MoxLy

Moxly is now a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub
With MoxLy, you can be both a programmer and without coding skills to build your application. Unlike other platforms, Moxly provides all the tools in one window: No-Code & Low-Code + Open Source Code

Mobile App Builder
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About Us - TechOS X Webflow Template
No code development
About Us - TechOS X Webflow Template

Build cross-platform Ionic mobile apps visually using Moxly.

Moxly is an online no-code platform that empowers people to build native mobile apps visually, enabling quick iteration. Unlike other no-code tools, Moxly makes it easy to view and export clean Ionic code that can be customized. Learn more about drag and drop builder.
Visual Modeling

Creating apps using a visual model

Visual modeling on the Moxly platform, often referred to as no-code or low-code platforms, is a design methodology that allows users to build mobile applications without the need for traditional computer programming or coding. This approach uses a graphical interface where users can drag and drop elements, create workflows, or visually design interfaces.
Source code

It’s possible to download the source code of the generated apps

Source code refers to the human-readable instructions written in a programming language that are used to create a software program. These instructions are designed to be read and easily understood by programmers.

Integration with third-party platforms and services

Integration with third-party platforms and services contributes to improving the functionality, user experience, efficiency and competitiveness of the application.
Instead of creating all the functions and services yourself, integration allows you to use existing solutions and components. This can reduce the time and resources spent on application development.
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AI Assistant

OpenAI and ChatGPT already with Moxly

AI will help you write code for your own functions or integration with third-party services - just write him a task :).
Use ready-made CHATGPT models in your applications to support your customers.
Limitless experience

Build digital experiences, not mobile apps.

Your users don’t want mobile apps. They want a seamless experience that follows them wherever they are - mobile, desktop, web. Moxly helps you deliver consistent experiences across all channels, with a single codebase and customizable design system that works everywhere.
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Meet Our Amazing Team

Mobile app development company. Despite the fact that we all work remotely, we are headquartered in Austin, Texas

Our team is comprised of people that have experiences in or live across the globe, including parts of the United States  to various places overseas — Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Turkey, the Malaysia, the UK, and Brazil etc. We like to create apps and you can also learn how to become an app developer.

We are here to help:
No code company are shaking up app development, making the process quicker and easier. Instead of manually writing lengthy lines of code, low code platform allow developers to visually assemble applications using a drag-and-drop graphical user interface. This allows no code developers to rapidly build apps with low turnaround times and minimal input. Plus, it potentially opens up opportunities in app development to those who may not have had prior coding experience or knowledge; even non-programmers can use low code or no code platforms to create web applications, mobile apps, and more.

Our Partners

Our values

Today, the skill of coding prevents billions of people from bringing their ideas to life. We believe this needs to change. We believe anyone should be able to create an app regardless of their technical expertise.

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We believe that genuineness is the basis for building trust. The only way you trust someone is if you know they are communicating with you in a genuine manner, and they’ll take responsibility if things go wrong.  And it’s essential with our community, because we’re asking them to trust us with their businesses.

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Communicating the reasoning behind our decisions in an honest, direct way. Acknowledging when things are broken or imperfect rather than pretending they are fine. Connecting and taking responsibility as human beings rather than hiding behind corporate-speak. Genuineness doesn’t mean that everything is necessarily public — we still keep things confidential or private — but it means that we err on the side of communicating, and when we do communicate we try to do so sincerely.

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Team Work

Putting the success of our users first, both in aggregate but also as individuals. Going the extra mile to make sure things work out okay for them. Being responsive and empathetic to their needs and problems. Remembering that MoxLy exists first and foremost to have a positive impact on the people who use our software, and making decisions accordingly.

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Our idea implies the equivalence of everyone and the value for everyone. If we declare this, we must create equal conditions for this value to flourish and live. What benefits do all participants get? We are all unique, and seeing a unique person and endowing him with dignity, we can treat him with great respect.

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Innovation here is the development of new working methods that promote development and increase value. Product performance is how to distinguish a product from others due to any features and functionality.  Innovation here is the creation of currently popular ecosystems between several products and services.