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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions our customers ask us the most:

I'm not a developer, will I be able to use Moxly?

Our clients are sales/marketing managers with no programming skills, so yes, you can create any application, coding is not required.

What can I build with Moxly?

With Moxly, you can create interactive mobile applications for both Android/IOS and PWA. Some users have successfully used third-party tools to turn their websites into their own apps and sent them to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Moxly has an open end. As with traditional programming languages, there is no fixed set of features.

Who owns my data?

The basic rule: you own your data. This includes the design of your application and the data that your users upload (pursuant to your own agreement with them, of course).

What about updates?

MoxLy CMS is a solution that we are constantly working on, so we regularly send free updates, new features and improvements.

How to create an app on Moxly for free?

When registering, you create an account with a free plan Free. It is unlimited in time and will always be free.
Some blocks are not available on the free plan and functions are limited, but the free plan is enough to create an application and publish it online.

How to upgrade a subscription plan?

For more applications, we have special tariffs of the Start line for 2 applications and PRO for unlimited application creation. You can pay them monthly or per year.

I have run out of tariff, I have not paid (not renewed), what will happen to the application?

If you decide not to pay for the tariff plan, then 5 (five) days after the expiration of the subscription period, the application will be disabled and removed from publication.The application will be stored unpublished for 6 months after the end of the tariff, you will be able to return to work during this period. After 6 months, the application will be deleted automatically.To save the application, you need to either pay for a suitable tariff plan, or switch to a free tariff (Free).

How can I pay the bill for legal entities?

Cashless payment is possible only when purchasing an annual subscription of the PRO line. The subscription price is the full amount without discount and only for legal entities.

Contact us via the feedback form. The plan will be activated within 12 hours of receiving the payment. Access is granted for a period of 1 year after activation.

Can I create an app in multiple languages?

You can easily implement support for multiple languages and you don't need to work with the confusing JSON string format, instead you can add any language and you will automatically have an additional text block for adding content.

How to make a phone number clickable?

In order for the phone to be active, that is, so that in the mobile version, when you click on it, the phone offers to call the specified number, specify a link for it in the format: tel:+1123456789 (all without a space)

How can I manage my notes in the app?

Create your own database without coding, configure the fields and forms you need, manage in the application, write texts, etc

How many pages can an app have?

Beginner plan users have a default limit of seven pages. For new Pro apps, Starter has a default limit of 50 pages. For most business mobile applications, this is more than enough. The limitation exists primarily to ensure good app developer and browser performance. Once you exceed the limit, it can significantly affect the performance of the app developer and the browser.

What will happen to my app if Moxly shuts down?

We want to make sure you feel secure about building on the Moxly platform, so, although we plan to be around for a very long time, here's our guarantee: We have released the Moxly source code under an open source license so that you can set up your own Nwcode Moxly and keep your application running.

What services can Moxly connect and integrate with?

Moxly offers pre-built integrations with hundreds of popular services, including social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), analytics (Mixpanel), and payments (Stripe).

Our no-code API connector hooks up to any JSON or XML-based API without any programming knowledge, and supports most popular authentication protocols out of the box.

We also support connecting to major SQL databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL.The Moxly platform is entirely open. You can create custom plugins using Javascript, and expose your own API to let other services connect to you.

Is it possible to give separate access to projects to users?

You can grant employees full or limited access. To add employees, go to the main page - Managers.
An employee can be added to one or all projects.

I still have questions — how do I contact you?

We are always available on our forum, via email (, or on Twitter & Telegram.

Prefer to reach out directly?

We value each of our clients and try to respond promptly to all requests