Enterprise - Installment plan

Installed on our servers Pay monthly and install it on our servers. After 12 months, the platform is completely in your hands

Best for Corporations
Unlimited apps and clients
Installed by us
Complete source code
$ 120.00 USD

Full administration

Set up the platform under your brand and your own domain

Open Source vs Saas

Choosing between a SaaS application and your own CMS

1. Distribution model: SaaS applications are provided as a cloud service that users can use on a subscription basis. Open source CMS can be installed on your own server or hosting.

2. Flexibility and customizability: SaaS applications often offer a limited set of features that can be customized or customizable only within certain parameters provided by the provider. A proprietary open source CMS usually offers more flexibility and customization since its source code is available for modifications and extensions.

3. Infrastructure management: When using SaaS applications, users have less responsibility for infrastructure management, since the maintenance and updating of the application is carried out by the provider. In the case of their own CMS, users must manage servers, updates, security, and other aspects of the infrastructure themselves.

4. Control over data: When using SaaS applications, users transfer their data to the provider, which may raise certain questions regarding data privacy and security. When using their own CMS, users have more direct control over their data since the data is stored on their own infrastructure.

Moxly is an open source app builder CMS.

Create and manage mobile apps with our open source app builder CMS! Install it on your server for maximum flexibility and security. Choose from ready-made features or customize your own with our friendly visual environment. Save time and money by using the No code mobile app builder. Get the benefits of open source, including flexibility, customizability, extensibility, and a large developer community.

Advantages of an open source CMS:

  • Flexibility and adaptability to your needs
  • The possibility of expanding the functionality
  • A large community of developers and users who can help and support
  • Reduced development costs

Advantages of the No code mobile app Builder CMS:

  • Fast creation of mobile applications without programming
  • Saving time and money on development
  • User-friendly interface and friendly visual environment
  • Low entry threshold for creating applications that does not require special knowledge and skills

General advantages of using an open source CMS and the No code mobile application builder:

  • Ease of creating and managing mobile applications
  • A large selection of functions and elements for customizing applications to the needs of the user
  • Improving the quality of applications through the use of ready-made elements and functions
  • Greater flexibility and the ability to adapt to market requirements
  • Reliability and security when used on your own server
  • Possibility of independent control and maintenance of the system

Platform Features


Manage all your data like a super administrator. Set up your brand, API, mail server. Send news and other events to your users.


Your CMS is fully multilingual, easily add any languages of the world, manage translations


The platform is installed on your domain. Change the logo and name. Connect your own training documentation for your clients

Technology stack

Moxly uses modern technologies available to any developer. Built with the help of Laravel, Angular and Ionic for the mobile part.

Open source code

Create your own features or improve existing ones. Change the design to suit your needs

Manage Users

Manage your users, provide quick support when creating applications. Stay in touch 24/7

What is the difference?

In the Enterprise version, you can enable user registration and customize your subscription plans.
Host on your server
Install yourself
Complete source code
User self-registration
Sell Online
Pricing Plans
Enterprise VS Installments
Hosting on your server
Redemption in 12 months
All Enterprise Features
No access to the server

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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What kind of hosting do I need?

These are the classic web server requirements offered by most hosting providers around the world:
- The platform requires either a dedicated server or a VPS with root access.
- Beforehand, a domain must be connected on the server and an SSL certificate for this domain must be configured.
- The operating system used for CMS – Ubuntu 20.
- PHP language version 8.1
- We recommend the following configuration: 4 GB of RAM, at least 40 GB of hard disk space (preferably SSD), 2+ CORE.

Is it a white label?

Yes of course! But more than that it will just be yours, not simply a white label solution from a provider, but your own solution. It is possible to customize it in your colors and name since you get the source code

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer a specific Forum for the commercial edition owners on which you can post your questions, and an access to the bug ticket system so that you can be in touch directly with the tech team, in case of any bug.

Do you provide a front-end website?

No, a frontend website for your marketing presentation is not provided with the software. Most of our clients create a frontend website with Wordpress and a premade template on their main domain, and create some buttons like "create your apps", and/or "signin/signup" to redirect their users/clients to their CMS installed on a subdomain like my.domain for example.

Is it possible to install it on multiple servers?

No. Moxly CMS is a one install license. If you want to install several versions, you will have to buy Moxly CMS as many times as you want to install it.

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