Why Freelancers and Agencies Should Consider Using a No-Code Moxly App Maker

As a freelancer or agency, you know that time is money. That's why using a Moxly App Maker without code can be a game-changer for your business. Not only does it save you time and money, but it also allows you to create high-quality mobile apps for your clients without needing to know how to code.

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“Moxly's no-code platform empowered me as a freelancer to design, build, and launch stunning mobile apps effortlessly!”

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With Moxly, it's easy to go from a freelancer limited by your coding skills to an unstoppable app creator. With a code-free platform, you can design, build, and publish mobile apps that exceed your customers' expectations.

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Why Choose Moxly App Maker?

The world of mobile app development has experienced a significant transformation in recent years. Gone are the days when coding expertise was a prerequisite for creating a functional and visually appealing mobile application. Thanks to the advent of innovative platforms like Moxly, freelancers and agencies can now design, build, and publish mobile apps without writing a single line of code. This revolutionary approach has opened up a world of opportunities, empowering individuals and businesses to bring their app ideas to life quickly and cost-effectively.

Designing Apps Made Easy

Design strategy

One of the standout features of Moxly is its robust design capabilities. The platform offers a vast library of ready-to-use templates, ensuring that users have a starting point for their app projects. These templates cover various industries and app types, including e-commerce, social media, fitness, and more. Freelancers and agencies can select a template that aligns with their client's requirements and customize it to create a unique and visually stunning mobile app.

Apps design

With Moxly, the traditional process of writing lines of code to build an app is a thing of the past. The platform simplifies app development by utilizing a drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to add and arrange elements effortlessly. From buttons and forms to images and videos, freelancers and agencies can customize their apps by simply dragging and dropping the desired components into place. Moxly also provides a range of advanced features, such as in-app purchases, push notifications, and user authentication, enabling the creation of sophisticated mobile applications without any coding knowledge.

UI/UX design

Moxly is a no-code platform that simplifies the app development process, eliminating the need for complex coding languages and technical expertise. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling even those without programming skills to create powerful mobile applications. By leveraging pre-built templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and a wide range of customization options, Moxly enables freelancers and agencies to design and develop mobile apps that meet the unique needs of their clients.

Custom Apps For Any Client

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Expand Your Services

As an agency, you always want to say “yes” to your clients’ needs. But some projects may be outside of your services skill set. Add the best tool, Built on the Ionic framework that’s specialized in native app design, development, and deployment to your existing toolkit so you can deliver a complete services offering.

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Deliver Real Results

Help your clients research, invest, and launch products that matter by creating a more than a mockup. Turn their concept into reality and get it in the hands of real users to understand the authentic experience. And use in-app analytics to understand behaviors and engagement data. Offer more than just outsourcing and become a trusted advisor by delivering more than just an MVP.

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Over Deliver.Below Budget.

Sourcing or hiring quality mobile app developers is expensive. These costs are out of your control but can affect whether you win or lose a deal. Deliver more projects faster by equipping anyone on your team with the most powerful platform to create a complete, customized mobile app.

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No Code Mobile App Design: The Biggest Digital Trend for Agencies
In the ever-changing digital landscape, mobile app design has become a necessity for businesses. For agencies, no code mobile app design is one of the biggest digital trends in 2023 and it’s here to stay. No code mobile app design makes it easy to create high-quality apps without writing any code. It's perfect for small businesses and freelancers who don't have the technical expertise or resources to develop an app from scratch.

What Is No Code Mobile App Design?
No code mobile app design is a relatively new concept that has been gaining traction over the past few years. By using a no code platform, you can quickly and easily create a fully functional custom mobile app with minimal technical knowledge or coding skills. You don’t need to hire a developer; instead, you can use a drag-and-drop interface to create your own custom app with no coding required. This makes no code mobile app design an ideal solution for agencies who don’t have access to developers or who want to develop their own apps quickly and cheaply.

The Benefits of No Code Mobile App Design
Using no code platforms for mobile app design comes with several benefits for agencies looking to create their own apps. First, it’s much faster than traditional development processes since there are no lines of code to write or debug. This makes it possible to churn out many different types of apps in a fraction of the time usually required for development projects. Second, it’s much cheaper than hiring developers or outsourcing development projects since there’s less labor intensive work involved in creating an app on a no code platform. Finally, it gives agencies complete control over their apps since they can customize them as needed without needing any input from developers. Rest assured that no code platforms are secure and reliable as well – they often come with features like built-in user authentication protocols, data encryption capabilities and customizable security settings so your data stays safe at all times. Even better, most of these platforms are free or very low cost compared to hiring developers or buying software licenses – making them even more attractive for cost conscious agencies looking for an affordable yet powerful way to create custom apps quickly and easily.  

No Code Platforms Are Here To Stay
It’s clear that no code mobile app design is here to stay – startups and big brands alike are turning towards this technology because of its ability to rapidly create high quality apps without needing any coding skills whatsoever. It's good news for small businesses and freelancers too; with access to powerful tools at very low costs (or even free), anyone can now whip up their own custom mobile apps within minutes! As the market continues to grow exponentially in 2023, more business owners will be turning towards these platforms as an affordable way of getting their services online quickly and easily – making it an essential tool for agencies looking to get ahead in the competitive world of tech startups and beyond!

Designed to fit every use case

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For Marketers

Marketers must be inventors with a love of experimentation and iteration to serve their customers well and stay competitive.

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For Writers

Once upon a time, the typewriter was the only piece of technology a writer had to make his work easier. Now we not only have computers, but we can also access an endless array...

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For Designers

A platform site fordesigners to upload designs and assets so you get a creative mix of designs from all over the world.

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For Programmers

MoxLy empowers web developers to build leading cross-platform mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). ... MoxLy for Enterprise. Accelerate the way your business builds modern apps at scale.

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What our users say

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Miles Ronson


NThe team loves how painless the beginning was. The tool was super easy to integrate into our processes

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What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Alexa Michaels


The Moxly platform is the best of, the developer is constantly introducing new technologies and developing this project.

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What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Matt Costner


Thanks to Moxly, any user can create their own application and Moxly team helped me to make my dream come true!

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What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Susan Miles


Nullam viverra praesent sit sit eget malesuada elementum scelerisque netus leo orci pharetra fames pellentesque sit eros in id sed.

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What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Robert Malik


Dolor dui eros blandit mauris sed ultrices pretium elit purus gravida pulvinar auctor asuscipit dictum eget mattis varius quis lacus sed.

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What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Marcus Woods


Until 2021, we developed applications using other platforms. As soon as we switched to Moxly, our sales growth increased

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What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Sophie Moore


I have been using Moxly for more than a year and I am still perceiving its growth. It is a good project and therefore needs support.Good luck!

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What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Andrew Dent


Magna mattis lobortis purus a ut id augue vestibulum consequat adipiscing morbi ultrices felis dolor si vehicula mauris neque viverra.

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