Build a Todo App from Scratch with Moxly

Following the traditions, each new JS framework goes through several stages of creating a simple application with a to-do list

Build a Todo App from Scratch with Moxly

Make Todo list your primary platform for completing tasks

So, we will be building a todo application that will allow a user to:

  • View a list of todo's
  • Add new todo's
  • View details of a specific todo
  • Save the todo's to permanent storage

1. Generate a New Project

We're going to start off by generating a new project based on the "blank" template. This is mostly an empty skeleton project.

The first step is to create a database for the task list

By simply dragging the fields onto the canvas, you can create the list of tables that the user will fill in. Each field has settings that you will need to make, these are the name of the fields, the mode of viewing and reading, display, etc

2. Adding application screens to the canvas

So, we have created a database and now we need to display all this on the application pages

In addition to the start page , we will need two more screens and two components ( if necessary, you can add other components and pages )

  1. The page where your task list is displayed, we will use the component Row list
  1. The second page displays a form for creating a new task, we will use the component Row List

In the component settings, you will need to define the actions and additional options that you want to display on the page, for example, a trash to delete a task or a checkbox to mark the completion of a task.

What tasks can be created?

Customize your own task display lists that suit your work style. Simplify workflows by connecting Todo List to Email, Calendar, and files.

Create projects to:

  • Create a curriculum
  • Track your marketing campaign
  • Write down a shopping list

All projects start with the first step, but it's not limited to that! Add every task that comes to mind.

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