Build a Tourist Guide App in Moxly

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a tourist guide app

Build a Tourist Guide App in Moxly

Do you want to create your own app with a list of places?

The Tourist Guide App is a handy tool for tourists visiting a new city. It will provide them with important information about the places they visit, helping to make their trip more enjoyable and informative. The app will be comprehensive and comprehensive, providing visitors with an overview of the city's attractions, landmarks, restaurants, shops and more.

The app will also be geolocation-based, giving users a better idea of what is close by as they explore the city. For example, if you're looking for restaurants near your current location, this app will show you what is nearby. It can also help you find interesting activities in the area or special events happening soon.

The content within the app will be up-to-date and accurate. Not only will it include facts and figures about the attractions listed but also extra details like opening hours, contact information and other useful bits of information that could come in handy while exploring a new city. Additionally, all of this content can be easily shared with family and friends so that they can experience it too!

The Tourist Guide App will also have extra features such as creating personalised routes that cater to each user's individual interests; itinerary planners; reviews from real people who have visited these attractions; additional language support; augmented reality views so users know exactly where to go; chatbots which are available 24/7 to answer any questions; interactive maps which show the best way to reach places quickly; currency converters for quick financial calculations; discounts for popular sites using loyalty points; offline access to ensure no data roaming charges are incurred whilst abroad; and much more!

In addition to being helpful for visitors wanting to explore a new city, this app could also prove beneficial to locals who want to find out more about their own cities - from discovering hidden gems around them or rediscovering known ones from a different perspective. With its help they could explore their hometowns like never before!

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In this example, you'll learn how to create a tourist guide app that can show popular tourist attractions.

The data contains the names of the place, a description of the places and their images.

Create a new database collection in Moxly. Add a new text property as Name, create another text property as Description and also create a new image property as Images which will be merged with the header of the data inside.

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