How MoxLy helps earn zerocoders

In this guide, we will tell you how Moxly supports zerocoder experts, how to become an expert and why it is profitable.

How MoxLy helps earn zerocoders

How Moxly Helps Experts

We have 4 directions:

  • We assign the status of an expert;
  • We offer an affiliate program;
  • We provide personal plans and discounts
  • Sell templates in the marketplace

Certified experts and studios are collected on the Experts page.

Experts earn money with Moxly by assembling applications, creating designs, helping with the interface and conducting paid consultations. The Moxly platform uses the best technology stack, the mobile part is built on the Ionic framework.

We place a portfolio of zerocoders on the site and sometimes help customers with the search for a performer. This is a useful and targeted advertisement for freelancers: after all, if the customer contacted the expert through the platform, then most likely he knows something about No-Code and it will be easier to negotiate.

Moxly Expert

How to Become a Moxly Expert

To become an expert, build at least one application with a proprietary design not according to a template. This is half of the success, and the rest is formalities, compliance with which will increase the chances.

Leave your contacts on our website and the manager will send you an email with instructions. You will be asked to fill out an expert questionnaire, send a profile photo, a cover and a link to the project. If the managers like the work and the answers, they will contact you for a final conversation.

Any zero coder or just a designer can sell templates in marketplaces, such as: Codecanyon or a marketplace supported by our Nwcoin community. All you need is to create an application template and download its archive

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