How to Localization Moxly to Multi-Languages

Moxly allows you to create mobile applications in several languages without using Google translit and other auto-translators

How to Localization Moxly to Multi-Languages

Are you developing an application for the global market?

The good news is that with Moxly you can create apps in multiple languages at the same time. Our feature is that we do not use auto-translators like Google Translit, etc., you will write the content yourself, which will significantly improve the user experience when your clients work in the application

Adding a new language is very simple, you need to go to the settings page and add a new field with your selected language

Now, when you add content, you will have editor fields for each language separately.

On the application page, you can create a button to switch and select the language version, or add a special character to the header

Watch our video: Using two or more languages in the app:

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