Step-by-Step Process to Upload App to Google Play Store

Have an app you want to publish on the Google Play Store? We've got you covered! Check out this step-by-step guide on how to upload your mobile app in no time.

Step-by-Step Process to Upload App to Google Play Store

Step-by-Step Process to Upload App to Google Play Store

Looking to upload your mobile app to the Google Play Store? Follow this step-by-step guide and you'll have your app published within minutes! We’ll show you how to create a developer account, prepare release version of your app, obtain a certificate, and finally submit it for a review.

After the application development process is over, you should start creating your own custom products. Creating a app is exciting and challenging in itself. No worries.

Today we'll guide you through the release process at Google Play store, which is surely the most popular app and user platform.

Please don't wait until the release date or before your scheduled date. This is an easy step and saves energy and time. Now we can start publishing your first Android application. We will start!

Create a Google Developer account

The first step in the process is to create a Google Play Developer account. This will provide you with access to the Play Console and allow you to publish, update and manage your app on the store.

Once you've created an account, you'll be able add details of your business and set up payment information so that developers can pay for their Installs or In-App Purchases.

Google Developer account

You can do this early into your development phase. The developer's app will not be published in Google Play. You can use a new account on Google. You can also create a new account with Google Developers.

No matter if they are private or corporate accounts. You can easily move your application to a new application.

During this process a developer must sign a developer agreement and pay $25 a year for registration. Complex. Follow these instructions! GooglePlay developer distribution arrangement for the product.

Prepare the documents


Paper works require a lot of work, particularly in legal documents. Based upon our experience, we strongly suggest you start preparing your own EULA Agreement and your personal data privacy policy in advance. The documentation of similar apps can be used for reference or you can get a lawyer to build it from scratch.

EULA is a contract of ownership with the user of the product. The general conditions are explained in a set of rules and regulations that describe the services that you provide to our customers and their behavior in exchange. Although Google does not require a set of usage rules, we recommend that they be published as soon as possible.

Prepare store listing

Once your developer account is ready to go, it's time to set up the store listing for your app! This involves entering all the information your users will see before downloading or purchasing.

You'll need to fill in the title, description, screenshots, high-resolution icon and photographs of your app. It's important that you create a compelling listing with accurate and engaging content to attract potential customers.

app store listing

The next step requires you to fill out the app details to download and upload the app on the Play Store. You may complete this info at once or save a draft for future use.

Also I strongly suggest contacting your marketing and brand department to identify and create the right profile for your app based on your business requirements.

Let me start by adding an app title (up to 50 characters), a brief description of a maximum of 80 characters, and a complete description up to 3000 characters.

Upload images, screenshots and video clips to a web application. Translating the software for another language is easy.

Store Listing

Lets prepare stores. This provides the most valuable info necessary in app store optimization (ASO). The users have access to all the details of an app's functionality before the download. All required sections have a * mark. You might have to invest time to prepare the following materials. It includes a name for a mobile app (max. 50 symbols), short description (max. 80 symbols ) and a complete description (max. 50 symbols ).

Control your mind. Don't use too many keywords. Store Listing. There are two or eight screenshots available. Choose those which display most apps.

Technical requirements

Technical requirements

Eventually, the day comes. The package names are important for the life of the application and the package must fit this process for a successful upload. You can't make changes before a distribution. It's possible to set packages name by using manifests on applications.

Each app must have the developer's certificate in digital form. The certificate is intended to identify a software author but is not generating any other certificate. The maximum upload size is 100 MB for Android 3.0 and above (API levels 9-10 and above) and 50 MB for Android versions lower than 5.

Study Google Developer Policies

Google Developer Policies

We're assuming you created a new concept. It's now important to check all of Google's features for compliance with its developer policy. This document describes the process of promoting a mobile app to ensure high-quality standards.

Unless Google has found that an application is in violation of a policy section, it will likely get removed and/or removed as a result. Additionally, numerous repetitive violations could result in a termination of developer accounts.

Find out how Google is blocking your apps from being installed. Read this carefully.

Upload the Android Package Kit

Android Package Kit

The APK or Android Package Kit is an Android file format for storing, distributing and installing apps. APKs can be uploaded using either drag and drop or browsing and navigation. How can I achieve that? Select Released apps.

Choose an open or internal test or production release type to launch your new version. Click Create a Release. Follow these instructions for downloading APK file.

You can use internal tests as the basis of testing your app with a particular user.

Choose a pricing and distribution model

pricing and distribution model

The app uploading process is in the process now. You have the options of paying or free apps. The Google Play store allows for later changes of free to paid apps but it does not offer free to pay apps in the Play store.

So take care to choose a pricing system. Select which country your app should distribute in. You may also choose a country and mark the specific country for app distribution. You may also select Android apps or mobile apps.

What should I do after submitting an app to the Play Store?

What is the next step when publishing your apps to the Google Play Store? Yeah, we'll also cover it. Let me list some practices I can use in making my app visible in Google.

Initiate Press-Release

Press releases are another means of promoting our brand. With this your brand can be noticed and many publications can cover your app release, which allows for the app to reach more users and build an authentic connection.

This press release explains some key insights about a mobile app development company's brand and its overall strategy and features. It shows the user that what is expected is good.

Practice ASO

App Store Optimization has become an established practice among many renowned Android apps developer firms. Famous as ASO, this program concentrates mostly on activities targeting specific areas, which can generate greater attention to an app's profile in the App Store.

Currently, the practice aims to increase impression rate in order to increase download rates for applications. Focus On App Maintenance And Updates

You're not allowed to post an app in the AppStore. Ensure a consistent maintenance schedule of application development and periodic updating of the application, taking into consideration the problems encountered by users.

Keeping a piece of equipment is not a once-in-a-while job. Keep your App on top of your new stack of software to get the correct updates for your problems.

Promote App On Social Media

Promote App On Social Media

Social Media can be an excellent way to grow your application popularity. This fact alone proves the importance for 45% of people to use social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc are all constantly used. Promoting your application on the platform promises you a higher amount of downloads.

How long does it take to publish an app on Google Play App Store?

It does not take long for apps to be published in the Google App Store. Although this process can be simple and concise, the time it takes to review and select your app may range from hours to days.

Verify the Content Rating

Content Rating

Before you can publish your app, it must go through the content-rating process to make sure your app is appropriate for the desired audience.

You can do this by using Google’s content rating questionnaire where you’ll be asked a series of questions about your application’s features and functions and provided with a rating.

Your app will then be assigned an age classification which will determine on what countries it can be downloaded from.

Once you have completed the questionnaire and received a rating, your app is ready to move forward in the publishing process.

The most common questions searched by users on the Internet:


How much does it cost to put an app on the Play Store?

How much

Is there a way to download apps? The fee to publish an application is $25. All apps that you create in the Android App Store will also be free.

How to make app on play store?

make app

What's the best way to build apps for mobile? Bring your ideas in the simplest way. Develop native apps and PWAs for you. Create your app in a way that suits you best.

Create apps using apps built using the Moxly option (without code). Get your app bundles in 1 minute. Test your application on your smartphone or tablet Android devices. Send your Play Store app releases and publish app releases.

Can I put my android apps on play store for free?

Yes, Google does not pay for launching an app. The developer account must also be redirected to an online platform and requires $25 in advance for access.

Then the application will go free of charge on Google Play.

What is the requirements for an app to be on Google Play store?

Review guidelines for the launch of your first application and ensure that the app is compatible with Google Play.

All new app and updates must be based on Android 8.0 or higher (apps with the latest Android operating system).

How do I publish an app on Google Play?

To submit a Google App, please follow the steps below. Get started by registering with Google Development. Prepare end user license agreements and privacy policies.

Ensure that your application meets Google Developer Policies. Build this app, upload apk, signed app release. Give us the details of the app listing.

How do I get my app on Play Store?

To do so, click on App release on the left side. You have an alternative choice on what kind of release you ordered. This is the latest release in which you will upload an updated Android app live to Google Playstore.

How do I upload an app to Google Play?

How do I download apps for Android? How should I create and maintain an application for developers? Step 2: Get a developer account for your Android Wallet. Step 1: Upload the Apps to PlayStore. Step 2: Add Android Package Kits. Step 3: Create store lists. 4. Update the content score.

Is it free to publish on Google Play?

Can I use apps from my Android device in the Appstore for free or low cost? A fee of $25 will be paid once your application gets published. All apps published in Android app store are free.

Does it cost money to publish a game on Google Play?

Only 3% of developers can access the Google Play services without paying service fees and the remaining 97% can download their app and use everything Google Play is offering at no cost. Make GOOGLE development account. Create End Users License Agreement and Privacy policies. Check that the app follows the guidelines for Google developers. Build this app! Provides the information needed to find the store. Set if the package name is not yet available then the software can be registered using this certificate. Send apps or bundles if needed. Apps.

Can I upload apps on Play Store for free?

Are there any apps available in Play Stores for free? You are correct that Google does not charge for publishing an application. A developer must create and maintain an account to upload a software application. The account must require an annual $25 fee. Afterwards your Android app is ready to download without any fees.

How much does it cost to put an app on the Google Play store?

What do I have to pay to download apps to my computer? The cost for the first application to be published is $25.00. All applications published in the android app store will be cost free of cost afterward.

Can I upload my app on Play Store for free?

Is a software download free? You can also download Google Apps. The app upload requires the developer to create an account and requires a $25 fee for opening the application. Then the app can be uploaded without any cost by the users of Android.

Can anyone upload an app to Google Play?

The following steps will be needed if you are developing Android applications. Prepare End User License Agreements and Privacy Policies. Check if an app conforms to Googles development policies.

How do you publish Android application?

You must upload your app to the Google Play Marketplace before uploading the app. Firstly, choose the Generate signed APP option as shown above. You will be greeted by a screen that shows Create new key stores in the app store.

Can I publish my Android app for free?

Are apps available in Play store? It does not cost much in terms of the publishing fee of a website. However, for uploading the app a developer must have his own account and pay a $25 deposit in one visit. Then you may submit an Android app without any charge.

How can I publish my own app?

If you want to submit a Google app for your phone please follow this simple step. Get an account on the Google Developers website. Prepare end user licence agreements and security policies. Ensure the application meets Google Developer Policies. Generate apk file with app creator Moxly. Please complete the store information below.

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