Transform your data into beautiful, powerful mobile apps

Tables, lists, cards, and other collection types transform any data into a rich, interactive view. You don’t need a designer to create a beautiful page.

Transform your data into beautiful, powerful mobile apps

Turn spreadsheets into software

A new feature from Moxly creates applications based on Google Sheets, Excel or Airtable. Choose a spreadsheet or an Airtable database, configure your application and share it with anyone, publish it in Google Play or Appstore. Select a spreadsheet and Moxly will instantly create a really working app so you can get started.

All Moxly software works on the basis of databases. A date may seem like an abstract idea, but it's just the "stuff" your software is talking about: products, customers, staff, location, etc...

By default, Moxly allows you to create your own database for dynamic management of your application. It's just a drag and drop editor with dragging fields onto the canvas

drag and drop editor

A new opportunity to use Google Sheets and Airtable

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet program with many similarities to Excel.

The Data Editor is where you manage your project’s data. You can edit. Everything stays in sync.

To get started, you will be asked to link your Google account when trying to create a new project from Google Sheet or copy the template in which it is used.

After authorization, you will have all the data from the connected table in your editor. To visualize the tables, you will need to go to the canvas and create a new page with the connected component of your database.

Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid. In other words, it has the features of a database but within a familiar spreadsheet-like interface.

To use Airtable with Moxly start a new project from your dashboard and select Airtable as the source.

You’ll be asked to connect to Airtable by providing your API key. This is just a string of text you need to copy from your Airtable settings.

Sign in to Airtable and visit your account settings: Here, you’ll see a button called ‘Generate API key.’ Click on it, and a new key will be created. Copy that value and paste it into Moxly.

After this, you should be able to browse your Airtable bases and select one for your new project.

The time it takes for data to sync from your source to your projects may vary, depending on your data source.

If your data is stored in Moxly Database, then changes to the data should sync to your project within 10 seconds.

However, if you are using another data source, then Moxly needs to fetch that data. Because each source is slightly different, there are differences in the time it takes to sync.

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