Turn spreadsheets into software

Pick a spreadsheet and Moxly instantly generates a real, working app to get you started.

Turn spreadsheets into software

Sync your data or start from scratch

Moxly provides the ability to build Google Sheets apps for any mobile OS. At the same time, the “developer” does not need to have code knowledge and programming experience.

Most of your app is based on the data you already have, whether it lives in Airtable, Excel, Google Sheets or other data sources. Moxly makes updating your app as easy as editing a document—changes instantly go live for your users, so you can iterate quickly.

How it works

Connect your data

Connect a Google Sheet, Airtable base, or upload an Excel file.

Customize your app

Customize how your data is displayed, then tweak styles & layouts.

Share the app

Publish your application on the Internet or upload it to Google Play and Appstore. your app is available for iOS, Android and PWA

Turn your data into beautiful, powerful mobile apps.

No code. No design.

No tricky visual editor–just simple building blocks to display your data. Changes to your data instantly update your app, and vice versa. Moxly is for you, whether you’re building apps for work, for fun, or for good.

Despite the relatively simple principle of the Moxly service, its use opens up great opportunities for users who need certain applications. On the basis of downloaded or template Google-sheets, you can create, for example, a mobile storefront. If necessary, the user can easily get an application for managing expenses or a task manager.

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