4 Steps To Creating An Airtable Integration

Setup your integration

Get the best of both worlds with Airtable’s intuitive, powerful database and Moxly’s custom logic and flexible UI builder.

About the integration

Discover the power of integrating Airtable with other apps and services. Learn to make your workflows more productive, efficient and automated with Airtable integration!

Airtable is an all-in-one app platform to help create custom mobile apps. Easily integrate Airtable into your existing or new Android and iOS mobile apps. With this solution, you can use Airtable's relational database features to bring powerful user experiences to life with automated data syncing between the mobile app and Airtable.

- Automatic data syncing between the mobile and web app
- Automatically update user information on the fly
- Create customized forms for data entry
- Push notifications integrated with alerts in real time

- Reduce development time by quickly integrating Airtable into existing or new mobile apps.
- Easily manage user data with comprehensive tracking capabilities.
- Quickly create and customize forms for easy data entry.
- Enhance customer engagement through automated push notifications that are seamlessly integrated into alerts in real time.

Moxly Airtable integration lets you create your own fully functional web application using an existing Airtable base.

This powerful plugin lets you read from and write to a database in Airtable, so you can build custom user interfaces and workflows for your data with Moxly’s visual editor, all without code. Organize your data in new and exciting ways.

Share with your team or anyone using your application.

To learn how to use Airtable in conjunction with Moxly, follow these steps.

Create a new project.

Go to and sign up for free. You will need to provide some personal information, such as your name and email address.

Add a new table.

Once you've signed up, click "Add New Table" at the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to the next step where you can add columns to your table.

Connect it to your API.

Now that you've added your columns, you need to connect them to your API. Click on the "+" icon in the upper left hand corner of each column header. You should see a drop down menu with options for connecting to different APIs. Select "Airtable".