AppCademy Helps Malaysian Students Learn to Develop Apps

How do I learn how to create apps using AppCademy courses?

AppCademy Helps Malaysian Students Learn to Develop Apps

Meet AppCademy, who create an application without code app built in Moxly

AppCademy is a technology company based in Malaysia. The team has been developing web and mobile applications for over 5 years. They successfully helped one of their clients reach 4 million RM in sales last year (2021) with a custom food delivery platform.

The founder of Zufar Marwah had an idea. What if you could combine your creativity from designing, programming and building business logic to encourage people not to spend their own money and nerves on the realization of an idea, but to develop it themselves? His solution, the AppCademy app, is to teach students and children new, modern technologies without code.

It's no secret that many people like to use Moxly. People love being creative, solving problems, and feeling a sense of accomplishment when they see their project come to life right in front of their eyes.

Technology Platforms No Code

When it came time to launch the first training program, Zufar didn't know where to start, so like most people, he turned to Google. “We found [Moxly] using [search for app development on] Google. We were tasked with finding a good mobile app builder with the ability to install on our own server, and by typing “No mobile coding experience” into Google or something like that, we found Moxly,” Zufar said.

The team approached Moxly, received an education discount code, and soon deployed the platform on their own server. Then the process of exploring the possibilities of the software began, and from start to finish, they spent only a week creating a test mobile application.

The team was most excited about not only the simple design of the application, but also the compatibility of the Moxly API. “Being able to submit an API request [was very helpful],” Zufar said. “If we only have the tools to place basic widgets like buttons or text areas, we create a static application, for example. Being able to use the API is really cool because it allows us to connect the application to the backend we created and we create a dynamic application.”

Why To Learn Build App With AppCademy?

AppCademy turns programming for kids into collaboration between a wide variety of students. Students who are more math and science oriented are forced to consider design elements when building on Moxly. Likewise, more art-oriented students should figure out how to use draggable Moxly blocks.


Students learn and absorb concepts differently. Some students prefer lectures, while others need a more hands-on experience. With Moxly, many educators provide the basics and then turn students loose to test, build, and explore. With Moxly’s live testing capabilities, students are able to use their smartphone as an educational tool to see their project come to life — and test features and functions in real-time.


It’s no secret that computer science, coding, and programming used to be very intimidating to many students, specifically young women. AppCademy is breaking down those barriers and helping all students — regardless of gender, socioeconomic background, or technical expertise — feel confident and empowered.

Zufar, explained, “Coding is seen as this big thing for a lot of students, and they knew some kids in high school that did it but it was not common. It seemed really hard. All of a sudden they're doing it, and they're building an app and they can see the app on their phone. It blows people away. There's that thinking like it's this magical, super hard thing. A lot of people are blown away. Like they're doing magic.”

In previous generations, students may have felt disempowered to make real, actionable change in their communities and world. Now, with low code and no code app building, students are able to put their thoughts and ideas into something tangible and shareable.

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Moxly is a great EdTech tool to add to your toolkit for any level of computer science or STEM education! If you or your educational organization are interested in using Moxly as one of your EdTech tools, please reach out to us. We can't wait to see what you’ll build!

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