10 Best Startup App Ideas in 2022

Best mobile and web app ideas for your startup

10 Best Startup App Ideas in 2022

Pre-pandemic forecasts predict that mobile app development will generate $935 billion in revenue by 2023. The pandemic is accelerating this process and increasing the bottom line, as people tend to transfer all their affairs (from work to household tasks) literally into their pockets, when the most important things are at hand and available at any time. Also, the Internet, 5G technology is rapidly developing and data transfer speed is growing. The world is increasingly moving online.

This creates a field of opportunity and challenge for mobile development and web application development. What is the best way to start your business in development, what applications are profitable and beneficial for a startup? And what applications are easier for a beginner to create, what are some ideas for cool applications for beginners? Read on to stay up to date with the latest trends in app development.


Since 2020, humanity is spending much more time at home. Therefore, home life, daily chores and tasks have attracted a lot of attention and began to need optimization in the same way that work processes previously needed it. Here are 10 examples of mobile and web apps you can launch as a startup in your region in 2022 and succeed.

Application for ordering and delivering food / household goods from nearby stores

When you work from home, sometimes you don’t feel like going out at all, for example, if a light bulb has burned out or milk has run out. Household chemicals, food and other little things end at the most inopportune moment. Moreover, you do not want to bear the burden of shopping after a long working day.

Not every favorite store in the neighborhood has a website and home delivery. Even if there is, it is very inconvenient to go to each site separately. Also, not all sites promptly update availability. I want to immediately buy everything in one place and, preferably, with discounts. This is where you, as a startup and a developer of useful applications, can help.

An application for ordering food and household goods from nearby stores is a large-scale and noteworthy idea for each district or microdistrict of the city. At the beginning of the shift, sellers enter new deliveries of goods and their quantity into the database, the base of goods in stock is updated in real time with each purchase or reservation. Also, the promotions that an employee of the marketing department contributes while working from home, for example, in another country, are dynamically updated.

The application for stores is synchronized with the application for couriers who live and work in the same area. And they, in turn, are synchronized with the application for the client. The buyer installs the application, logs in and sees their favorite products in stock in one place.

If you connect more markets, vegetable and fruit warehouses to this system, and teach sellers and warehouse workers to enter data into the mobile application, for example, how many kilograms of what products they have in stock, make discounts for residents to purchase in their area, then hundreds of people will use your application. people every day and you will become a district monopolist.

Cooking and recipe apps

Allows you to surf the Internet, find, save to your personal library and categorize your favorite recipes. Make changes to them, edit and share them both in social networks and in instant messengers with relatives and friends. Search for recipes in your personal library or on the Internet using filters such as time per dish, ingredients, calories, and so on.

A wonderful addition to this application would be the ability to select a recipe from products available at home. For example, a user enters the products available at his home into the application and the application selects the most suitable recipe for him from the database of his saved recipes or simply from the TOP search engine results for keywords. Such an application will solve the problem of what to cook once and for all.

An application for recording a beauty salon or calling a master at home

The same concept, but on an even larger scale - to cover all the cool restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, tea houses, canteens, bars, pubs and other establishments in the city. Conventionally, when you can afford to order dishes from your favorite restaurant on the other side of the city and they will be delivered to you in an adequate time - even shorter than if you were driving to the restaurant by car yourself. This involves developing several applications for couriers, restaurants and customers at once. All these applications are combined into a single working system and synchronized in real time.

The beauty salon app is another unique idea that offers users an easy way to change their makeup and allows salons to streamline their process by only going online with the enterprise. The beauty app automates almost all beauty salon operations for executives and provides superior customer service. So, if you also create a beauty salon app for your business, you are guaranteed to get ahead of your competitors.

Applications for selling things

People are buying more and more things. But not all things are needed. It is a pity to throw them away, it is not always possible to sell them profitably. Therefore, many are returning to the traditional exchange system. Applications for barter within the same city or country are becoming more and more popular. Those who provide users with a convenient functionality for searching for things and posting offers, a system of tags and saving to favorites, direct chats with other users while keeping personal data safe are especially benefiting. This is a great idea for an app on your list of apps for the next development.

Waste recycling app

An even more relevant topic and a forced trend in the modern world. Garbage is consuming our planet. But not every resident of the metropolis knows how to properly sort and where to put the accumulated garbage. A convenient mobile application in your pocket with clear visual hints for sorting waste, a navigation map to the nearest waste collection and recycling points in your city, up-to-date information about their working hours will increase citizens' awareness of environmental issues tenfold. For example, you can add several unique functions to such an application: reading special marks and signs on packages with a smartphone camera and instantly uploading information and the type of garbage whether it is recyclable, incinerated - or it will lie and litter the planet; online synchronization with all points of delivery and processing of various types of garbage to update information about their prices, opening hours, workload, and so on; a library of educational short videos on waste sorting, understandable for the whole family; service of ordering a composting station and convenient containers for collecting and temporary storage of various types of garbage at home. You can come up with a lot of useful functions in this area for a mobile application for recycling, you just need to conduct a few interviews with those people who are already trying to do this and find out a number of difficulties and problems that they face every day. Such applications are not only profitable, but also make the world a better place.

Application for planning a family budget and tracking expenses

Budget planning apps are still popular today. Such applications allow you to track income and expenses for the month for different categories, set limits on certain categories of expenses, plan savings, and so on. It is especially convenient when budget planners are synchronized with all bank accounts or mobile banking of the user and load bank card entries directly into the application. The distribution of write-offs by categories in the application occurs in automatic or semi-automatic modes. Applications for planning a family budget help you save 15-30% of money in the first months of use and put off an airbag. This is due to the convenient visual visual display of expenses in graphs and charts.

Application for the "smart home" system

The house of a modern person is getting smarter every day, especially for new buildings. At the same time, a person has less and less time to deal with his life and less and less energy he wants to spend on it. Smart home systems and mobile applications for them literally create household magic: in the evening after a working day, the curtains move by themselves, pleasant music is turned on by a short voice command or gesture, an alarm system guards property and family members around the clock, drip watering of flowerpots and even filling drinking bowls is activated. pets… All this has long been possible and very convenient when in one application, always at hand, on a mobile phone.

An application for recognizing, searching and buying things at the best prices

How to find and buy a thing cheaper without spending a lot of time surfing the Internet? This task is helped by an aggregator application for quickly searching and buying any item on the Internet. Filters help you categorize offers by cost, promotions, delivery times, and so on.

Dog walking app

Many people want to keep a pet or even several, but not everyone has the time to take care of them. Walking dogs is important on a schedule that can be very difficult for pet owners to keep. The dog walking app with the selection of candidates by place of residence is the perfect way out of this situation. Each candidate can have their own profile, a brief description of the experience, an indication of the cost and place of residence, the ability to switch between “busy” and “active job search” modes, search and see the latest requests for walking in the application. The user of the application simply turns on the geolocation on the phone, enters the walking hours and receives a list of free candidates. He can find himself a permanent walker, as well as several replacements or a new one each time. Payment can also be made through the app for secure withdrawals and reserve funds.

Car rental app

Airbnb for cars. Maintaining and maintaining your car is not profitable both from the point of view of saving a personal or family budget, and from the point of view of the ecology of our planet. There are enough cars on the planet. You just need to learn how to share them. A car rental app for a day, half a day or a few days is the perfect choice for a novice developer. It can be either a fully paid rental or car sharing with payment only for fuel. The most important thing that the developer of such an application has to work on is ease of use.


The global pandemic has accelerated the need for new approaches in the lives of every person on the planet who uses modern technologies and the Internet. Mobile apps in your pocket are becoming more and more of a necessity. You can try to collect all the ideas for applications proposed in the article today with our no-code Moxly platform.