How to Create a PWA App for Your Website with No Code

Learn how to create your own PWA without writing a single line of code

How to Create a PWA App for Your Website with No Code

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is the perfect start for any project, it doesn't require a lot of effort, and the created application works on all platforms without the need to upload to stores. It combines the features of most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile applications and is built using standard web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Functionality includes offline work, push notifications and hardware access, which creates a similar experience to native applications for the user.

Who's building PWAs?

Brands large and small are jumping on Progressive Web Apps to create better user experiences, anywhere the web runs. As you can see, some of the world's largest companies such as Twitter, Instagram, Uber, Pinterest, Forbes, Alibaba and others are already using PWA.

How to create a PWA: beginner's guide

You are not familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and you do not know how to use GitHub. You are new to web development and have no desire to delve deeply into the principles of operation of a particular phenomenon. More often than not, my users just want a clear way to do the right thing without going through tons of articles. So I hope this post gives you everything you need to create your own PWA without coding skills.

So, to make a PWA, you need a website. It is assumed that your site is already well optimized for mobile devices.

Create PWA step by step in 5 minutes

It's time to implement a progressive web app!

  1. Register in Moxly and create a new application.
  2. Make an app icon. The site will be located on the device screen like any other mobile application, which means that an icon is needed.
  3. We customize the design and connect the link of your website
  4. We generate code and get a link to the application

You can add a custom domain for your application. We recommend using a subdomain

Now you have a PWA, it's time to share it with the world.

Turning a website into a web app is easier than ever, thanks to modern development techniques and tools.

So, using Moxly, a mobile app builder, you get a fully functioning PWA app for your website. Briefly about what the service offers:

- Individual domain (you can use your own);
- Link and QR code on the service side;
- You can upload your design and customize the application;
- Built-in tracker - you can get full analytics of user behavior inside the application;
- Built-in ability to send push notifications;
- At any time, you can make changes literally in 1 click.

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