How to convert a website into an app (Web site to app guide 2023)

Wondering how to turn your website into an app? Here's your guide - from the who, what, why, and how of digital marketing to the most common misconceptions about conversion.

How to convert a website into an app (Web site to app guide 2023)

How to convert a website into an app (Web site to app guide 2023)

Turning a website into a web app or pwa is easier than ever, thanks to modern development techniques and tools. With this tutorial, you can learn how to create sleek, functional applications from the comfort of your own home in no time.

Should my mobile app be Android or iOS?

In the case that iOS and Android application code differ, it is possible that you must choose to design a specific app. In a good world you probably want to provide an app for a variety of people. However, you might have the difficulty in implementing your app despite not having enough bandwidth to create two distinct applications for different audiences.

Android vs iOS

First off, Android is much more popular than iOS. The market for mobile phones and tablets grew by 84% in 2018 and 16% by 2023. Despite the lack of mobile devices, more people have smartphones. This also helps you determine where the users live.

Overview of Hybrid App Development Tools

Due to web conversion / mobile conversion, hybrid apps can also be developed. Hybrid apps are applications working across various platforms but using the same core code base for operation and maintenance. In general it mainly covers the mobile phone, tablet or web.

You can essentially reuse code for your site to build mobile app versions using this software. We look at how the approach works and proves the effectiveness.Our overview of this topic will therefore be limited and concise. What is the best web application software?

Starting to work with Xamarin

The following guides show you some ways that you can create an Android app with Xamarin. Xamarin can be accessed from Visual Studio installation packages. Download your first sample. Using iOS apps you have VS for Windows and Xcode available in App Store.

Please note when attempting to install Visual Studio, select the option "Develop mobile applications on.NET". If Xamarin has been installed, you can check it from the “Help” -> About Visual Studio menu. Okay!

Create a User Interface

The UI creation is supported by class library Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin. Androids. They represent a type of translator for the iOS and the Android mobile platform SDKs respectively. Hence an implementation that is exactly the same as programming languages like Objective c or Swift and Java for android has been developed and implemented for the iOS and Android platforms. Most projects involve implementation of an interface for the native component.

Code the app's main business logic and put it in the main library

It's important that the app is organized properly and efficiently. Then you must identify which parts of the code implement the most important functions of software and not attribute their use or the internal functions of phones.

It allows for a quick reduction in time for a natively designed app for every selected mobile operating system. It is recommended for developers to put this code into the main library for the upcoming application.

Create Respective Projects Using the IDE

This step will cover some of its advantages: writing custom C# code for all mobile platforms. Xamarin takes on this role using Visual Studio IDEs and its many useful plugins. With this feature, developers can easily access individual projects created on each platform for any device. Xamarin.iOS' library allows you to easily build a C# app in C# and start an iOS debugger for the application native to iOS.

6 Reasons to Turn a Website into an App

Many people want to create apps from their site but they have not been able to commit fully. It seems like people don't know what a native phone app could offer them to their customers. I think that is an acceptable answer.

Website into an App

Is responsive website design necessary? What are some good ways for websites to be developed into apps without coding? Mobile-optimised websites will be available by 2023. It is a good idea. Apps have another task though. The mobile app is an excellent tool for growing loyal, core customers by generating new users.

Build more loyalty and engagement

Another reason for converting websites into apps is that apps can attract loyalty. This is due to the improved user experience described above, and that the app itself selects your most loyal customers first. The fact that a user can go into Google Play or app stores is a sign of loyalty.

Users do that to demonstrate their ability to become your most devoted fans. 20% of customers are driving 20% revenue to your business. By creating your own mobile app you provide them with a personal connection — a logo and icons on a home screen; a more intimate enclosed experience — a direct link in a single tap.

Enhance your mobile user experience

We saw how app development reflected modern users' expectations. What's going on here? Apps are popular because their user interface is significantly better than a website.

Converting websites to applications increases the mobile experience significantly. Consider the typical visitor experience for mobile web pages. Initially, the customer has to be reminded about the brand if they want to seek the product.

After that, the client enters the URL to get the URL loaded. The next time they come on they'll be faced by confusing navigational features and distractions from many more tab options.

Meet modern user expectations

We know smartphones have become ubiquitous throughout the last decade. Smartphone usage in the United States has nearly doubled since 2006 and has increased from 3 billion to 626 billion by 2021. Smartphone usage will reach 7 billion by 2026.

The growing smartphone market has also helped drive an astonishing increase in mobile internet usage. In 2010 American adults spent just under an hour using mobile devices. By 2018, the number reached 3.6 hours, based on a 2018 survey by BOND. During the period computer usage slowly decreased. App development is influenced and dominated by these trends.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of best ways to convert websites to mobile apps with Moxly app creator. The push notifications feature on the site is limited to only a few. On iPhone there is no possibility of sending them. There is no permission hoops. Apps allow for notifications to anyone using the app, regardless of operating system.

Getting websites into apps is valuable in the way push notifications come in. You can also notify customers of new content promotions, and add them with information ranging from shipping updates to friends requesting a notification.

App Store presence

App stores are beneficial as such. Google Play and Apple App Store can also become an excellent user-/client acquisition channel, in terms of potential users, partners and shareholders.

App Store searches can help you find a product or solution to your question just like people use Google. When we make apps, we are in their shoes for the right moment! You must optimize AppStore keywords for a good ranking in search engine results to sell a good product or service.

Apps can be a key source of revenue

The conversion of your website to a mobile app can create an opportunity for your company to earn income. You can monetize an application via in-app advertising sales, ecommerce sales subscription sales or in-app purchases. Simple Flying earns largely from advertising on MobiLoud apps, with Arran rice generating 94 / month articles a month on average.

Features you must add while converting your website into an app

The Moxly website converter allows you to build an app in less than a minute. Unlike other platforms, it allows the user to make an app without learning any programming. Since its launch the platform has consistently stood out in the app development space, establishing itself as a leading app developer in its field.

Moxly is packed with useful functions to suit all the global needs of our customers! Here's an example that shows some features that our software should provide when you convert a site into an app.

App Analytics

App analysis is a feature of the Moxly software which enables you to track user behavior and analyze performance. The data can help you improve the user experience over time. The software also helps to determine your global reach.

Form Builder

Use the form builders feature to create a form for appointments in the app. It will let users quickly book an appointment. The tool is useful for generating surveys for customers and obtaining the opinions of your clients.

Chat support

Give easy to use support via integration to your mobile app. Give people the convenience of obtaining support anytime without logging into the App or calling the company for support!


Make customer interaction easier by implementing the contact feature, like a contact page if needed or an instant phone call. The more people are trusting you, the better.

Website to App Convertor

This conversion tool converts websites from apps within a matter of minutes. Just enter the URL and the different pages are added to the app without requiring any code.

Variables to Consider When Converting Website to Web App

It's possible to create a website using various web development tools (iOS/ Android). These services are not guaranteed to guarantee the user experience. It is best to build native apps from scratch instead of converting your site to third-party applications. This is important in view of how app development takes a great deal of preparation and a lot of time. When you have no app design skills you may have no understanding of how to build an application.

Hire a development team

You will need a professional and qualified developer team to develop an excellent application. The current market offers two possible ways of working with a reliable partner. Each variant is unique, both pros and cons. Likewise, a company-owned team can be expensive. There are fees for everything from rented housing to computer software.

Nevertheless, if you are using in-house development you are able to control development entirely and develop apps to meet your exact requirements. Outsourcing is usually cheaper as developers can be hired from different sites with each of the companies having its own prices.

Development costs mobile apps

Apps are different from web sites that don't need a cost effective software builder to create these. Typically there's some sort of developer on board. Native app creations are expensive. It is best to start investing and get favourable results immediately versus paying for the same software for creating the interface you need. We'll talk further about price in this section, but a developer who spends thousands for a project may want to know if a project's total cost will be considered before starting a project.

Test your app

Like all marketing campaigns, landing pages should also be tested before sending them out to apps stores. This aims towards enhancing features in your application by fixing bugs and bug fixes in advance. This is going to help keep users who deleted the app after this issue, as well as saving support personnel valuable time from having to answer any question or issue with your app. Even if you are not able to fix every issue before you publish the product live you can be sure of if any possible issues exist.

Estimate app development costs

Once we know what we've got in place for the project, we need to get into the numbers. The more complex the software the cheaper it will become for developers. A recent study found that a simple smartphone application costs about $38,000 to $91,000 for development. Mobile App Development Cost can vary widely. What feature do you want? What time do you need to create the app? All the following are essential for pricing, so you should think before you begin developing your application.

Can Progressive Web Apps Be a Compromise?

Progressive Apps are a promising technology allowing for enhanced functionality for websites to make them more responsive. Get the best benefits from native apps. Technically progressive websites appeared as websites although the browser was allowed to launch site logic locally and retrieve only updated and actual information from the internet. It is now possible for you to see push notifications on your favorite news page to receive tickets or check details on your shipment even if you are offline.

Convert Web Application into Mobile App. Additional Reasons ‘Why”:

Let's see why many business developers turned websites into mobile apps. Improvement in function. Probably one of the primary reasons for the development of mobile apps for mobile is that they need further functionality. Is there an app that can handle push notifications? Improvements in current capabilities. Currently developers have tried everything possible on their part to elevate UX for their applications.

Convert your website to an iOS and Android mobile app without coding

Digital identity is incomplete in all modern businesses if there is not a website, social network and app. Many potential clients visit your site on a regular basis, but after this initial interaction, they may be looking for an application. When it comes to transferring money, clients prefer apps and websites, and prefer shopping websites and online booking websites. However, the challenge is still limited due to budgets, skill and time limitations.

Benefits of Converting Website into an App

You could now convert existing web sites to Android and iOS mobile apps with the website conversion tool Moxly. Moxly is supported by the next-generation API and helps users develop their own mobile apps by supplying them with all of the features and functionality they require for their web sites. List some advantages of converting web-based sites into an application.

Works faster

Mobile apps work faster than websites because they leverage user preferences and can take proactive actions in their favor. The app stores local data on your smartphone and helps users retrieve information quickly and provide more useful experiences.

Better conversion stream

Mobile apps improve your sales funnel by providing a better customer experience and allowing customers to contact your company instantly. In addition, the app is very useful in increasing the engagement and the user engagement.

Enhanced branding opportunities

Add a mobile apps to a portfolio that gives your brand more potential. The Mobile app offers valuable property on the user home screen as well as increases the brand recall and recognition of the brand.

Improved visibility

The average person spends four or more hours logged into app usage, this varies from app usage. By converting your website to a smartphone app, a user's perception of your website increases.

Use native features

In some cases, mobile apps use the native functions of the smartphone or tablet to provide enhanced experiences to the users. It offers a much better experience than a web-based app.

Regular connectivity

Mobile apps are an efficient solution for connecting to your clients, anytime, anywhere. The reasons behind converting the site to an App are the ones for you right now.

How can I convert a website into an app?

This article lists 5 ways to turn a website into a website. We have looked at all these options and examined their pros and cons. Our website-to-app platform will also show why this is an excellent alternative for most people. Start with this.

Cost and Time

It is generally a risky business decision to work with a developer. Although the experience is smooth enough, the costs alone can cause you to ask yourself whether or not you would have a positive impact from outsourcing. As I was looking for top android apps development companies, I saw this trend. Although many developers have reasonable hourly rates to compensate for the robust apps they develop, they are not as expensive as the project's minimum fee. Typically the project costs up to $10k. A typical agency-developed website costs around $40,000 – 80,000. Double the cost of the iPhone app.

Hire a freelancer to build the mobile app (native/hybrid)

This is for you that want to outsource Mobile App Developers to an experienced developer with an appropriate skill set, but want to avoid costs. If one is lucky and finds the right match that can pay back but if one gets unlucky that can become nightmares. Pro.

Hire an app development agency to create the app (native/hybrid)

This is for companies wanting to outsource their app development to specialized developers. It's the route that many big firms take as it is cheaper than hiring or reliable than an independent route if it is not too costly. '. : "

Code the mobile app yourself (native/hybrid)

It's for people who want to build and develop an internal team for mobile apps. Pro / Con.

Why do you need a mobile app?

Mobile apps offer many advantages and many small businesses are utilizing one. Below are some good examples of mobile application use.

Offline mode

According to their website, some users lack internet access. While a website must always connect to a network, mobile applications may work offline. It is possible to add offline functionality to the app. Google docs can be used without any internet connection and changes can then be saved on the device and transferred to the cloud when accessed. How can I start my mobile application? Our first task is deciding whether the App is compatible with Android or iOS or both.

Easy access

Once users download a web application, the interface becomes much easier for users. We all know that less barriers can be made to the users. The research indicates that 86% - 87% are spent on mobile applications than on web based applications compared with 17 for web browsers. This might partly be attributed a large portion to the convenience of having the application on a mobile phone. The challenge is that you can't make users download a mobile app. Sources.

Mobile friendly interface

If your favorite product has a great web site on the desktop, it will not be as useful for the user. What should be done when the website does not support mobile devices? Is it possible for you to repair your old website or fix it? Alternatively, you could make an application for mobile devices. You can also maintain a desktop and mobile version that is easier to use for mobile use.

Search Engine Optimization

Google provides the most relevant result according to the search. This is because mobile apps can increase the number of users using your website to browse the internet. Using your mobile application will be much more successful at attracting customers. In a search engine which wants the quickest possible answer, your application can now be displayed as an "APP PACK" in an app.


Another advantage of turning your site into an App is that mobile applications can have different functions on your iPhone and tablets than web browsers. You may also integrate the app into other smartphone applications such as smartphones or tablets.

Multitouch feature

Multitouch can be used on iPhone or Android apps. It is possible with the help of gestures such a swipe, pinch, and many others to interact with a mobile application. In turn, the user will have a better experience than when using the Internet.

Five important things to keep in mind when converting web apps

We will list a couple of suggestions as an app company that will help you develop and market the most innovative product you can.

Do not skimp on testing software

With iOS, you can avoid having unexpected problems with unreliable behavior. Because of the limited range available on this platform, there should be no difficulty testing your mobile application on any device.

The device has some fragmentation in its display format and other technical specifications. If you wish to ensure compatibility with a wide array of devices, you should use paid test products.

Determine appropriate development tools

In order to stay competitive in the world market and to increase revenue, you will need quality products. The fact that a developer is able and willing to provide quality is proving to be more competitive than just experience or skill. Start with the development of the MVP.

Qualities imply the existence of humans. You certainly don't need any framework that allows you to create native and native-like product.

Keep in mind the Nuances of the Platform-specific UI Design Guidelines

Generally speaking, the most popular mobile platforms, iOS and Android, have guidelines for the application interfaces of mobile applications placed in its respective marketplace. When designing your mobile app you have to consider flat design and material design principles.

Extend existing functionality

In addition, as previously discussed, a website is possible to supplement existing functionality with native API functionality provided by selected mobile platforms. This is a useful tool for making the older app accessible to the public.

Adapt the interface to the display format of mobile devices

Quality of the application development process is highly specific. It must be emphasized here. It is based on the quality. Generally, mobile phones are restricted by their display.

Which kind of app should I make for my website?

Let's start by defining this type more clearly. An application for delivery or for commerce, you can do anything.

Should I convert my website into a hybrid app?

Benefits of mobile app compared to website. Native apps are great but nothing special in that situation justifies the vastly more expensive costs. Hybrid applications also come with costs, but are typically 50-90% lower.

For startups that have primarily a mobile application strategy then native might be the best choice. As your website already contains its base platforms – i.e. it is a website that is converted into apps, and hybridization is much easier.


The native apps were developed from scratch and specifically on Android and iOS platforms. A talented native developer is highly valued as well as highly qualified specialists. The app developmers is done either with Objective-C or Swift, and the development is done with Java or Kotlen.

React natively or cross-platform platforms can help to reduce the costs and effort. Native applications usually provide high performance when you want an app that performs very intensive tasks like Uber or Airbnb.


Hybrid apps are a cross between a site and a native app that's named. Hybrid apps let you transform websites into apps using purely web technology. They're mostly a native container that shows web content in a browser.

Hybrid apps don't just contain websites though, they perform and feel exactly like native applications, and can use native components and features to provide an excellent application experience.

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