In-app subscriptions using Glassfy and Moxly

An in-app purchase is a piece of content or a feature that you purchase inside an app you download to your mobile device

In-app subscriptions using Glassfy and Moxly

Glassfy's Tools enable you to easily build and manage in-app purchases, create paywalls, and trigger monetization events from user behaviors maximizing revenue from apps. Glassfy makes managing in-app purchases and subscriptions a lot simpler by providing a wrapper around Apple's StoreKit and Google Play Billing services.

Moxly enables you to integrate subscriptions, create new paywalls, and testing different offering by yourself, in minutes.

What are In-App Purchases

The in-app purchases also known as IAP allows the developers to charge the user a particular amount for accessing a specific content or functionality as an extra feature while using the application.

Types of In-App Purchases

There are four types of In-App Purchases (IAP) which are described in the following:

#1 Consumable IAP

This is the type of IAP where the user will need to buy preferred items every single time if they want to use them. So, basically, you can not use these items for free in the future without paying for them.

The user may also lose the access to these items if the app is reinstalled or their smartphone is changed. Some examples of the consumable type are purchasing hints and collecting game currencies.

#2 Auto Renewing Subscription IAP

In auto-renewal subscription type of in-app purchases, the user can make a purchase of an item for a limited period of time. And once that limited time period is over then the subscription for that item will be renewed automatically.

Few examples of the auto-renewing subscriptions type are magazine subscriptions like Vogue and on-going services like Netflix etc.

#3 Non-Consumable IAP

In the non-consumable type of IAP, the user has to only pay for an item once and then that item is free to be used in the future. Even if the app is reinstalled or the device has been changed, the item will still be accessible and will not lose its data.

Few examples that fall into the category of non-consumable IAP type are a PRO version app upgrade, removal of advertisements from the app.

#4 Non-Renewing Subscription IAP

The last type of IAP is the non-renewing subscription in which the end-user is able to use the item for a fixed period of time and after that time period is passed that item needs to be purchased again for using it.

The best example of a non-renewing subscription is a membership period or a sports session pass for 6 months access.

Tips for app monetization with subscriptions

  • The In-App Purchases are a great way to earn some money in contrary to just simply sell your application to someone else. This is because there are a number of people who are willing to spend their bucks in exchange for extra features and content in an application that they love to use.
  • You can also display various advertisements on your iOS application with an additional option to 'Remove Ads' for a small amount of money like $3 to $5.
  • If you want you can also offer your iOS app as free and if your target audience like the free version of your app then they would be willing to try on the paid version of your app as well...even if it would cost them money.
  • Instead of creating an entirely new and separate app for the paid services, you can just add the in-app purchases options for your already existing application. This way you can release your app's new functionalities as well.

How to create an app with in-app purchases and subscriptions in Moxly

  1. Register in , create a project for your application and get your ApiKey.
  2. Add the resulting ApiKey to Moxly
  3. Set up your subscriptions in Google Play and AppStore
  4. Add products to  and connect your subscriptions from googleplay and appstore to them
  5. Create offers by connecting products to them. Product and offer IDs must match.
  6. Go to Moxly and add these subscriptions to it. IDs must match!
  7. Make settings for connecting Google Play and AppStore to Glassfy.

You can find detailed setup instructions on the Glassfy Documents - make sure everything is done correctly:

Additionally - see this screnshots:

Open Subscriptions and Products:

then add your subscriptions:

Congratulations! 🎉

You have successfully integrated and tested in-app subscription in your Moxly app with the help of Glassfy.