5 Creative Strategies for Making Money from Apps

Learn how to make money from applications through our 5 creative strategies. Get an edge in the digital market today and start seeing returns on your app development investments!

5 Creative Strategies for Making Money from Apps

Understanding the Basics: How Does an Application Make Money?

It's no secret that many app developers are making good money from their creations. But how exactly are they doing it? In this blog post, we'll explore five creative strategies that app developers are using to make money from their apps. With some creativity and hard work, you too can start generating revenue from your app!


1. In-app purchases
2. Advertising
3. Sponsorships
4. Freemium model
5. Paid subscriptions

In-app purchases

In-app purchases

In-app purchases are becoming more and more common in the modern tech world. In-app purchases are items and content that users can buy for their digital devices through an application. This type of purchase has quickly become a popular part of many mobile games, where players can purchase virtual currency or special characters for better gameplay. In-app purchases have been criticized for targeting underage children and people who don't understand the purchasing process, so be sure to check with your child or family members if you have any concerns about this type of transaction. In-app purchases provide additional ways to keep users engaged while they are playing apps, but it's important to know when it's time to stop spending.



Advertising plays an important role in today's world, both inside and outside the media. It is used to get consumers' attention and draw them toward a product or service by displaying the advantages it provides. As such, advertising is an integral part of achieving success in business. What’s more, when well done, advertising informs and educates people as well as increase awareness about different products and services. With current technology trends helping companies to quickly target their desired customers or audience, advertising is also becoming smarter and easier to use. Overall, utilizing effective advertising strategies can be immensely beneficial to any business looking to expand its reach and become successful in their respective industry.



An increasing number of businesses are turning to sponsorships as a means of achieving their marketing and branding goals. By aligning with a brand or event whose market and customer base they want to access, companies are able to leverage the existing connections that already exist. Some formal agreements have been put in place to manage the relationship but often these relationships come about through word-of-mouth marketing and informal introductions. While these agreements can be costly for a business to execute, profits realized in the form of increased customer loyalty, brand awareness, and an expanded reach can easily outweigh this cost. Sponsorships are proving themselves to be an invaluable asset for modern businesses looking to gain competitive ground in their respective industries.

Freemium model

Freemium model

The freemium model is an attractive business strategy that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Through the use of this model, companies are able to offer access to some content or services for free while selling additional features, functionality, or resources as a premium option. This model allows companies to generate revenue while enticing users with free content. Additionally, users may be more willing to upgrade due to their familiarity and ease of use with the introductory tier. Although this is a great way to get potential customers interested in a product or service, it requires continual investment from the business side to maintain, update and grow the services being offered via the freemium model.

Paid subscriptions

Paid subscriptions

Paid subscriptions are an increasingly popular way to consume digital content. With payment options ranging from a one-time fee to an ongoing monthly subscription, they provide more stability to content creators by providing them with a consistent source of income. Most services come with additional perks like exclusive extras or discounts, making them appealing for those who use content regularly. Additionally, subscribing often means that new content will be delivered as soon as it's available, so fans have access before anyone else. Such subscriptions offer convenience and affordability - people can select the amount of content or services that best suit them without having to invest in several costly memberships. In this way, paid subscriptions are a great choice for users of all kinds.

Let's check Best Money-Making Apps of 2023

How can I make more money with an App? There are plenty of apps that can help supplement your daily income. Even the most profitable apps may not make much money for you. But it's also possible to make money using very simple actions in your hand. We'll cover the best app monetization strategies and show you some examples throughout this guide.

Gaming Apps

playing games

Some games apps charge an extra amount for a chance in a game where there will be cash prizes. We tried some of these apps and found their content fun but it isn't easy to get around the fact that you need to pay-to-play when you are looking for money for the money. We therefore have low scores. Nevertheless pay-to-play games are highly popular with customers, and they receive thousands of positive reviews. In this regard we have listed all free gaming sites with cash payments, as well as two paid to-play games we found interesting.

Cashback Apps

cash back apps

App Cashback lets you get cash back for the purchases that you already make — usually in the range of 1-10%. While this may seem less than impressive for individual purchases, this can be significant for big-ticket purchases and can add to hundreds or even thousands if used consistently. This is our favourite list because they combine their earning potential and the experience used by us over a period of time. Find other cashback apps here to see the list below.


Offers 40% cash-back on shopping at 3500 collaborating retailers. Rakuten can be used quickly and easily. Simply launch the app and search your local store. Visit their shop, and then shop like normal. One of The Ways To Wealth editors has been a Rakuten user for over a three-year period. The Rakuten app makes it possible for you to make money with the purchase of products online. You need to add credit and debit cards and then activate the app. You may also use the link card to check the site in normal mode. Get a 30 free bonus on qualifying first purchases using these links.


Ibotta's cashback app for groceries is widely acknowledged but now includes a range of local stores and online cashback. It's basically the same: you use the app, scan the barcode on the item purchased on your way to the store before uploading. Usually you have to watch 15-second clips to send your money to your account. We both used the app and often stacked ibotta with another similar application to get more rewards. Our experience shows 30 seconds of time is good value for money. If you register via the link provided in this article, you get an additional $5 free.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is compatible with all grocery stores. There's no scanner barcode nor coupons that you can clip, and no purchase of a particular product is necessary to earn points. Fetch has a big downside: Those receipts are just a little. You also get bonuses if you get sponsored goods. They usually come from the same household products which you'd normally buy. Join Fetch at this URL and earn 3000 bonus points. Minimum withdrawal: 3,000 points to get $3 gift cards. Download Fetch rewards download site.

Survey Apps

taking surveys

It is easy to make money from smartphones through surveys. Download a free survey application today. Upon completion of the survey, the survey provider will email you with your response. After you submit a survey, you'll be able to collect points, which can be converted into free giftcards and cash prizes. You may also transfer them to an online bank or PayPal. These are our favorite survey applications that measure earning potential and user ratings.

Survey Junkies

Survey Junkie is known as the world's finest Market Research Company. It has ten million registered members, an “excellent“ rating on Trustpilot and a minimum loan amount of $5. Survey Junkie was selected from the highest inventory of surveys we tested, meaning you could earn on a personal schedule instead of waiting for opportunities. Survey Junkie does not offer an official welcome offer, but offers a list of useful tasks for new customers such as completing an online survey, confirming your email and viewing a video on the process. These tasks allow for easy earning of the $5 maximum amount.

Rakuten Insight

A free survey tool developed by The Rakuten Group which makes up Rakuten's most famous cashback-selling website. The app has been only available for Android devices. The survey can be completed for iPhone by using the mobile app site. We earned $9.62 an hour during the testing period, this is the cheapest survey application we reviewed. The downsides are limited to the survey size and the size of the Rakuten Insights platform. However, this is an excellent way to make a free survey an interesting choice. Maximum withdrawal: $5 per withdrawal through PayPal.


InboxDollars offers an easy to use and fun way to earn money by answering questions as well as by performing various other tasks. It's controlled and operated by the same corporation which runs Swagbucks - but it has a couple of major differences. InboxDollars gives you a cash reward for your participation in a particular activity (no reward for a certain amount). Are there any risks involved? The minimum deposit amount will be $30. However, $5 welcome bonuses can be helpful in completing this milestone. Maximum withdrawal: $30. Download BoxDollars.

SurveyMonkey Rewards

Many businesses across a wide variety of sectors have utilised surveying software to collect customer feedback. While their SurveyMonkey Rewards app has fewer known features, they stand out in our analysis as we made $153.56 a month during our review – well ahead of other survey app companies. In addition, surveying can easily take two to three minutes on this platform. The biggest downside was the lack of research results. Within a week the tests were only available on 89 surveys. It took very little money to get $5 cash in.


The LifePoints website offers free and anonymous surveys and is available for iPhone and Android. It has 5 million users and has many different questions to answer. In the tests the website paid on the same scale as other survey sites only according to demographics. The survey also allows users to earn money by product testing or by referrals from friends. This referral scheme is extremely lucrative as you get a 10% bonus per referral. The minimum withdrawal of 600 dollars is $5. Download LifePoint.


Swagbucks is an admirable reader for many people, and their favourite because it allows people who want to get more information about what to do to earn money. We believe Swagbucks has the best money making app in general. My personal earnings have been about 5000 SB (values are over $5000) since joining the site. Minimum withdrawals are not required, but most reward options start at $3 (including PayPal cash and selected gifts). Download Swagbucks.

Apps that pay you to take surveys and play games

It appears you can get more money by sharing opinions with brands. The apps may not be worth your time and money however can help you increase profits by reducing your spending on the app. You can find online focus group information in the form of User Interviews. Please view our complete user interview report for additional information.

Blackout Bingo

The popular Blackout Bingo app transforms traditional bingo from luck to speed and skill. Almost every game takes a second to play, and you can earn cash prizes and rewards. The application was reviewed by 75,000+ people in the iOS App Store and was rated highly enjoyable and addictive at the time. Blackout Bingo has many complaints about its advertisement claiming that you could easily make big amounts with little effort. The best gaming app should start by practicing free. Keep the money safe by not taking risks.

Solitaire Cubes

As a kid, I enjoyed playing Microsoft Solitaire Cube, caught the attention of my parents. The app is highly recommended for Android phones and iOS devices. It pits your players with similar skill and gives everyone a deck where the highest scoring player wins. It would be nice to try this for free. Solitaire Cube has no limits on downloads to play, but Real Money Turniers are not currently available in the US.

Mode Earn (Android)

Its latest version earns real money by listening to music and also plays games with over 10 million registered users. It is an excellent way to pay for something that most people do well. Mode earn features a total of more than 1 million radio stations, with dozens of world-acclaimed artists. Spotify isn't sharing your advertising with you!

Mistplay (Android)

MistPlay is a popular app with a huge number of downloads! (On the iPhone only). The more time you spend playing, the more money you get. Then you can exchange the cash for a gift card for any of their favorite shops. Check out Mistplay games with multipliers 3x and 4x so you can get a quick gift card quicker.

Rewarded Play (Android)

Rewarded Play provides an excellent free and fun “get paid to play" app that has more than 140k reviews and 4.2 stars on Google Play. Rewarded play offers a single source for casual games. During play, select your prize points and receive your card in less than 24 hours.


The company provides new subscribers free stock at their first signups — up to a maximum of $200. This is an accidental draw–not the ones you chose unfortunately. I bought Groupon (currently valued at $22.80) and Microsoft and VISA have also been offered.


I have been investing with Fundrise for a few decades and enjoy the long-term outlook and regular quarterly profits. With a mere $10 it's easy to build a business property portfolio and build a new home.

Toluna Influencers

Get paid for speaking the truth with Tona influencers. It costs approximately $15 to enter the survey and you may use it for gifts or cash.

Opinion Outpost

The opinion surveys are entered for tens of thousands of dollars. The payment is available for $5 via PayPal and Amazon Giftcards.

Apps that give you money for using your phone

Because Facebook provides us with a large amount of data for free, the amount of money you pay will probably be less than that. This is a possible solution for this task.


This mobile analysis service provides market research to collect data on your mobile phone. When downloading a new App, you can log in using a browser. You will get weekly credit credited with gift vouchers in popular retail shops. Realistically, it's an unrestricted background app that will likely generate about $20 an annual income passively. After you start your first week you can get an additional $5 free gift card.


Free Pogo app was my most recent find. Pogo gives you points for cash that you cash in via PayPal, Venmo or PayPal. Simply enable tracking locations by adding your bank accounts when you sign in. Depending on what I have seen, I believe Pogo is valued at between $1000 to $20k per annum.


The interface is frustrating, but Tapestri actually pays you to share anonymized information about locations with others. Whenever you shop online or offline you will receive a reward. My initial earnings have come in at 17 dollars.


SavvyConnect's VIP programs "use advanced technology to collect data when surfing online." They can send you $5 a month to share this data. If you use your mobile phone, tablet or PC/Tablet you will receive $15 or $185 annually.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panels

Nielsen will pay you to share your internet usage behavior. Simply install and install the app on every registered device and earn $60 each yearly. The app is not intrusive; it will never clog your phone.


Can you actually earn money from apps?

You can make cash with mobile applications. There are a number of simple money-making apps available online. It's not easy to make a fortune but the money can help supplement that money as well.

Which app makes real money?

Stackbucks. Swagbucks is one of the largest survey providers. The app is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. You can earn rewards if you buy goods online, answer surveys online, play video games. Check the value of the Gift card in major retailers.

How can I make $100 a day?

How can I earn $100 a day? Participate in research (150/hr)? Make money to answer a survey. ... Pay to view video on your computer. ... Answering your question about money? ' " Download the app and start making money through the Internet. ... Pay for playing online games online. ... Make another $1000 pet sit. ... Get involved in buying goods online.

What app pays most money?

How can one earn a little cash by using online tools? Swaggbucks (5 sign-up bonus) Tell me the purpose of it? ... : public.com ) Webull (free stock valued at over $3000)... Moomoo is a stock that can be bought in a range from $30 - $30. Inbox Dollars (five freebies on the first registration). Rakuten insights. ... My Points (10 free bonuses for new customers) Brands Surveys (one free bonus). Swaggbucks (up to five sign up bonuses) Why? The term "" is used to refer to the " type of" or " type of " type of " type " ". The public information on Public.com is based on public information. Webull (free shares of more than $30 million+): MoomOO (free stock worth over $30k) -. Inbox dollars (5 free bonuses for new customers) - $ 0. The rakutens. ... Earns Points (10 Sign-up Bonuses) /... Brand-branded survey ($1 sign on reward).

Which app is best for earn money?

How to make a good cash making app? Meesho. Meesho is a rapidly advancing e-commerce platform. ... / / / www.bicycles.com / / / > / / / / / / www.bicycle.com / Google opinions. Google Opinions offers another useful tool for earning cash by answering questions. ... Herroes. ... It's the language. The money's paid. ... Swags.

What kind of apps can earn real money?

Best Moneymaking App. Ibot. Ibotta gives you cashback on online or offline purchases from nearly 200 retail partners. ... Kaku. ... Swagbucks. ... Fiverer. The ' - Work. ... Offer up. ... poshmark. Ibotta. How does Ibota work? ... Rakutens. ... Swagbucks. The '' I love FiveRrs. ... Upworking. ... Offer up. ... Photo by Pos.

Which app gives real money?

Swagbuck has been recognized by many survey providers worldwide for its surveys. Thousands of customers have paid for the long-established app. You can earn rewards by completing surveys on the internet or in a video game. Take out cash gift cards from large retail stores.

How much money can you make from an app?

Let us look at current revenues opportunities in industry-class applications. The App Store generates approximately $22,500 a month from apps that are in its top 200. Daily revenues of 800 app companies have dropped from $3,500 per year to $3,500.

Can a free app make money?

The app model offers similar earnings as the subscription model. It is very important that users are able to access the app version without any time limit. For advanced feature rich app version, the user is billed monthly or yearly for this feature.

Can you make money on Android apps?

Free - Upselling Free applications earn you a lot. There's always a free market model available for companies and game apps. It is a free app that can display ad revenue on a website or mobile device, or have a pop-up banner advertisement for that purpose.

What Android app pays the most?

If you want to get top-pay apps, here is our favorite app: Swagbucks. Earn cash via surveys and other small tasks. List the best paid apps for making cash from home? Rakuten ($45 sign up bonus)... Top Cashback.. ... Ibotta (200% deposit bonus)... Drops. . Trimmers. ... Doorsash. . Keep up the pace. Tell me the meaning? ... Instacar. Tell me the answer to that question? Kakuten (45 sign-up bonus)... Top cashbacks. ... The bonus to join Ibotta is $20. Dropped. ... ) Trim. '... Door ashes. ... Quite stable. Tell me the reason for it? ... Insta-carts.com. Is there anything else going on here?

What Android game apps pay real money?

Available for iPhone and Android. . Mist play. This app is designed exclusively for Android users who enjoy playing online games. ... You get everything. Cash 'Em All lets users join games to earn real currency. ... Swaggings. ... Free ash. ... Gamehaga. ... Blackout bingos. ... InboxDollar.com. ... a. Mypoint. Mysteryplay. The application is available for Android. It gives players the option of playing online games. The... Pay it. Cash All lets people join or play games with virtual coins for free. ... Swagbuck. ... The free currency. ... Gamehagg. .. Blackjacks. ... Box dollar. The sulphur-based substance of the alcohol in the body has a tendency to deteriorate over time and is not a suitable substitute for the sulphur in the water. MyPoint.

How to make money with Android?

How Can I Become Rich from My Smartphone? Play games. The most effective method for generating more revenue is to use gaming. ... Watch video in search of more income? " " Download the Invest app. ... Download Surveys app. = = = = = = = = = = Internet shopping. ... I want pictures for free. ... Using GigApps. ... '. Sell clothing.

How much money can you make from creating an app?

This should be understood in the context of the revenue potential of industry leaders in the app industry. Currently app companies make about $82,500 per day in earnings. Revenue from the best 800 apps fell in the same period to roughly $3500 a day.

Can I build app and earn money?

Yes. Free app revenue is important. The free app monetization strategy is easy. Apps need not be complex for success. You have many options for creating monetizing your mobile application using any method mentioned above.

Do free apps make money?

Free apps may be monetized through advertising purchases or affiliate marketing.


By understanding how to use in-app purchases, advertising, sponsorships, and paid subscriptions within your app, you can generate revenue and keep your app free for users. The Freemium model is a great way to allow everyone to enjoy your app while still making money. And if you're interested in learning how to create an app yourself, be sure to check out our other articles on the subject. With a little time and effort, you could have your very own app up and running in no time!

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