Make your no-code Moxly app a fully-fledged PWA

8x Better mobile conversion rates in installed PWA compared to browser mobile web

Make your no-code Moxly app a fully-fledged PWA

When is a PWA App Necessary

Mobile app users are accustomed to their convenience and will not use a regular website as a substitute.

Migration to APK requires large organizational and advertising costs. Users need to be convinced to take unusual steps - download the application from the site and deal with the security settings of the smartphone. Many apps for modern social networks have been using PVA technology for a long time.

Downloading from the site will not help the “Apple” audience either. It is impossible to install third-party programs without jailbreaking the iPhone. And convincing iOS users to switch to Android is unlikely. According to a survey by Sellcell, out of 2,000 iPhone owners, 92% said they would buy an Apple device next time.

You have a lot of content on the site and it is updated frequently
In this case, you're doing double duty to keep content updated on the site and in the mobile apps.

Users do not install the mobile application

  • Old device, mobile app not supported.
  • Memory is limited and your service is not in the top 5 favourites.
  • Not familiar with your service.
  • Do not use your service every day

PWA made on Moxly - the convenience of a mobile application without installing it

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a mobile app that runs in a browser. It does not require additional installation on the device. At the same time, PWA loads quickly even with an unstable Internet, and all the main application resources are stored on the client side. Only updates are transmitted over the network.

PWA are based on a web technology stack, use responsive web design and are supported by all modern mobile browsers.

Convert website to pwa

Converting your website into a Progressive Web App (PWA) is fast and easy. By adding some key technologies like Service Workers, TLS/HTTPS, and web manifest files, you can turn your existing website into an automated mobile application that runs seamlessly on iOS and Android devices. This transformation helps websites to leverage the power of app-like features like push notifications, offline access, home screen icons, and more.

Push notifications

Push notifications are an important part of the user experience for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Push notifications allow the PWA to alert users with messages or updates even when they're not actively using the app. The notifications can be tailored to specific interests or topics, making them useful for marketing or engagement purposes. Additionally, push notifications are easier to set up than traditional web-based notifications, allowing developers and designers to quickly send beneficial messages and updates to their users.

Pros of the PWA + Moxly solution

  • The development and support of a PWA application is 70-90% cheaper than the development and support of a mobile application.
  • The PWA application is cross-platform - the same application will work on any device and any OS, a browser is enough.
  • Save up to 30% in revenue as you don't have to pay App Store and Google Play fees for in-app purchases.
  • The PWA application can be maintained and developed simultaneously with the site, which reduces the cost of supporting the mobile device channel.
  • Moxly PWA applications are as close as possible to native ones in terms of ergonomics

If you want to make your apps accessible on all platforms without having to deal with Google and Apple, consider using Moxly

Creating a PWA for your website will only take a few minutes. To do this, you will need to set up a brand, add an app icon, and use a Webview component with a link to your website. Once you've developed your app with Moxly, you get a web link with the PWA generator.



If your product is simple, doesn’t consume a lot of resources or requires interaction with a lot of data, and, moreover, the user doesn’t use it very often, then PWA will close your tasks perfectly. In addition, PWA is easier to implement due to the fact that it does not need to be placed in the application marketplace. Otherwise, good old app.

A good nocoder should be proficient in at least one of the ways to develop mobile products, and a great nocoder should be able to create both options.

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