Moxly App Builder without code is a New tool for STEM programs

Provide students with a New tool for Moxly Stem Programs, an application builder no code

Moxly App Builder without code is a New tool for STEM programs

Corporations no longer need just engineers. They are looking for people with engineering thinking, managerial and flexible skills. STEM — an educational model at the intersection of different disciplines helps to prepare such workers

We know educators are always searching for new and innovative ways to teach their students the basics of computer science. This is where Moxly comes in as the most comprehensive visual development platform that helps students learn while creating personal, no code mobile apps.

Moxly’s drag and drop app builder is used in classrooms from Kindergarten to the University level due to its easy-to-use drag and drop interface, which makes coding for kids more accessible and engaging. Educators use Moxly in the classroom because students can learn and implement computer science principles and see their results immediately with our no code mobile app development platform. By adding AI to the development of a mobile app, you increase the level and quality of your teaching skills.

Regardless of skill level or age, students can bring their app ideas to life while learning crucial coding concepts such as logic, loops, functions, variables, and algorithms.

What is Moxly, and What Are Its Benefits for Educators and Students?

Moxly is a powerful no code native app builder that enables anyone, regardless of technical experience, to create beautiful and functional mobile apps without a single line of code. Moxly is perfect for educators who want to build a curriculum around computer science concepts and expose their students to the basics of coding that will ignite their students’ desire to pursue CS further.

Whether your curriculum is taught in a boot camp that lasts only a few weeks or in a traditional classroom lasting a whole semester, Moxly is easy to integrate into any lesson plan and simple for students to understand.

The Moxly Team provides completely free of charge the entire set of necessary software for both teachers and students

Preparing for the lesson coding in Moxly

Setting the scene for success with proper preparation will make the no code app creation process smoother for both the teacher and the students. Before getting started, gather the following:

Laptop or Computer

Students will need access to a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection to build their mobile apps.

Your Free Moxly Account

Educators and students can create their accounts for free and begin using the drag and drop app builder. For upgrading to Moxly Pro, contact our team  to secure licenses for your class

Teaching Computer Science: Diving into the Moxly Curriculum

With a Moxly curriculum and educational tools, students will develop computer science knowledge and unlock skills in app development and user interface (UI) design. A Moxly curriculum will cover four phases: designing, block building, testing, and publishing.

Get Started with Moxly

With Moxly’s drag and drop app builder, students can bring their app ideas to life while learning crucial coding concepts through an engaging and intellectually stimulating curriculum. Not only is Moxly easy and fun to use, but it also demonstrates the benefits of stem education and opens up a world of possibilities for students who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to learn to code.

Teachers can use Moxly to create engaging lessons and inspire students to pursue CS education.  If you want to learn more about our educational programs, educational discounts, or want guidance on creating a lesson plan, reach out to our team to get Moxly in your classroom.

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