Programming for People with Special needs with Moxly

A new career for people with special needs. Learn how to master the new profession of app developer without code with Moxly

Programming for People with Special needs with Moxly

Unfortunately, we have to state that today there is an obvious gap between people with special needs who are looking for a job and companies that are looking for such people. There are no special and convenient job search services for them.

IT-person with unlimited possibilities: how to get a cool job for a person with disabilities

Disabled employees are a complex and sensitive topic for any business. Professionals with special needs should not be afraid to hire and adapt in a team. Often they are promising specialists. The pandemic, remote work, and a shortage of staff have led to the fact that businesses have begun to actively consider candidates with disabilities. Over time, such people will not only gain the interest of employers, offices will also become barrier-free for them.

How to master a new profession and change life for the better?

This question can cause both excitement and anxiety for people unfamiliar with the wide range of career options. An often overlooked profession that involves coding skills, but as the world moves forward into the digital age, knowing the basic concepts of computer science can lead many to "their dream job."

Development vector. In IT today, there is a lack of certainty when choosing really high-quality courses for the education of people with disabilities. There are a lot of programs, often they are expensive. You need to study management, and programming, and marketing, and much more. This is a chance for people with disabilities to expand primary occupations, but it is not always clear how exactly to do this.

The pandemic in this sense has played into the hands of people with disabilities: there are many more remote vacancies for those who simply find it difficult to leave their homes. Thanks to remote work, the international labor market is also available. After all, all businesses have embraced Zoom.

Where, why and who should learn No Code development?

Developers are no longer needed to create full-featured mobile applications. You can use new technologies with artificial intelligence, such as OpenAI with ChatGPT. Only imagination, a little perseverance, Moxly and step by step instructions.

No-code is a method of creating IT products without writing code using special platforms that use visual programming. Such tools are great for creating an MVP (minimum viable product), testing a hypothesis, developing client and internal products for small and medium businesses. Knowledge in development and code is not needed, low entry threshold.

In the coming years, more than half of IT products will be developed without code. Against the backdrop of growing demand for IT products, No-code is beneficial for businesses in that it saves time: instead of six months, it will take several weeks to make an application or website. And the cost of a traditional digital product is from 50 thousand dollars, in the case of using no-code, it is reduced by 80%.

Get started with Moxly

Moxly makes programming accessible and fun for people to do code-free programming. One of the promising professions is the Mobile Application Developer. Mobile application developers are responsible for designing, developing and maintaining mobile applications. They work with clients to understand their needs and create a plan for an application type such as business processes for companies, social applications or mobile games. They then design and code the application and test it to make sure it works correctly. Once an app is released, mobile app developers may be responsible for updating and maintaining the app.

If you want to IT

Unfortunately, until recently, people with disabilities had much less opportunities to learn a new profession, so they are more than anyone interested in holding their place, fulfilling their tasks, growing and developing.

Use Moxly as a platform for self-education. Education gives a huge impetus to development. Investing in yourself pays off and will definitely bring benefits. Moxly invites those interested in pursuing a career as a programmer to join our Expert Program, Best No Code App Developer, today to start your career and get your first app development jobs!

5 groups of No Code tools that will be useful:

  • Website development is the most popular use case. From Wordpress, Wix and Webflow to Shopify and Bubble. From simple landing pages and blogs to complex portals with accounts and dynamic content.
  • Application development is the most interesting use case. This use case did not appear yesterday, and services such as Thunkable have been around for a dozen years and more than 2.5 million applications have been made on them. But a revolution and a real breakthrough was made by , on which it costs nothing to assemble an analogue of Uber or Airbnb in a week according to the instructions or buy a ready-made template for $100 and do it in 2 days.
  • Chatbot development is the most underrated use case. From simple autoresponders for a website and Facebook page, to automating sales and increasing event revenue. Not to mention stand-alone products that live only in instant messengers.
  • Corporate tools are the most inconspicuous use case. While we are creating new Ubers, corporations have adopted NoCode and LowCode tools to create internal applications, dashboards and test new products faster and more efficiently than competitors
  • Automation and integration is perhaps the most important use case. Remember IFTTT? Are you using Zapier? Congratulations, you are NoCoder! As funny as it sounds, these and similar services are the glue in the world of no code, which connects Airtable's database with a Webflow site, a Bubble app, and Hubspot's CRM. And all, of course, without a single line of code.


NoCode is a growing trend, Gartner predicts that by 2024 65% of applications will be NoCode or LowCode. In short, learning NoCode today is like mining bitcoin in 2012. You are not the first, but all the growth is yet to come.

Wish you success!

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